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  1. chemicalcharlie's avatar
    chemicalcharlie added Offret to their watchlist 3 minutes ago


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    Zimonio checked Rescue Dawn 3 minutes ago
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    Ressa checked The Returned 3 minutes ago
  5. stefanmovie's avatar
    Stefanmovie checked The Birds 4 minutes ago

    The Birds

  6. jonaug's avatar
    jonaug checked Cinema Verite and Deadfall 4 minutes ago


  7. stexdo's avatar
    stexdo commented on Million Dollar Arm 4 minutes ago
    stexdo's avatar
    The acting is not good and the writing is kind of bad but well within sport movies standards. But the production quality is higher than the cast would suggest, probably because it's a movie with a strong foreign appeal. The story of the two Indian players is just perfect for a movie.
  8. ivan+gig+nth+yuk's avatar
    Ivan Gig Nth Yuk checked The Book Thief 4 minutes ago
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    chemicalcharlie joined iCheckMovies 4 minutes ago
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    andreafa checked Babe 4 minutes ago


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    Ollie_Warren added list iCM Forum's 500<400 to their watchlist 5 minutes ago
    iCM Forum's 500<400's avatar

    iCM Forum's 500<400

    Every September, members of the...
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  13. sunflower983's avatar
  14. barklund's avatar
    barklund checked RoboCop 2 5 minutes ago

    RoboCop 2

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    Consigliere checked Z 5 minutes ago



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