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  1. Japanese pre-1960s Films Available Online's icon

    Japanese pre-1960s Films Available Online

    Favs/dislikes: 13:0. List of Japanese pre-1960s films available online with and without subtitles. [b]With subtitles:[/b] 1-407 [b]Missing from IMDb:[/b] - [b]Not listed:[/b] Japanese Anime Classic Collection (1928 - 1933) LISTED - The Roots of Japanese Anime until the End of WWII (1930 - 1942) Kanjincho Onoe Kikugoro VI - Kabuki (1943) [b]Not listed (debatable):[/b] Reginald Barker - The Wrath of the Gods (1914) William Worthington - The Dragon Painter (1919) Joseonhaehyeob AKA Straits of Chosun (1943) Jiweonbyeong AKA Volunteer (1941) [url=]See 1950s films with subtitles missing from IMDb / not listed here.[/url] [b]Without subtitles:[/b] 408- [b]Missing from IMDb:[/b] Minoru Shibuya - Haha to ko AKA Mother and Child (1938) Hiroshi Shimizu - Joi no kiroku AKA Record of a Woman Doctor (1941) Tomiyasu Ikeda - Iga no suigetsu (1942) Abe Yutaka - Moyuru Ozora (1940) Watanabe Kunio - Kessen No Oozora e (1943) Daisuke Ito - Miyamoto Mushashi: Duel at Kongo-in Temple (1943) Saeki Kiyoshi - Zenigata Heiji Covers All of Edo (1949) Saeki Kiyoshi - Zenigata Heiji: 808 Street (1949) Special Attack Army Squadron 18 (1945) (Allied and Japanese newsreel footage) Akira Nobuchi - Yurei Ressha AKA Ghost Train (1949) [b]Not listed:[/b] Noburo Ofuji Film Works (1926 - 1956) Kenzo Masaoka Works (1934-1950) [b]Not listed (debatable):[/b] Our Job in Japan (1945) [url=]See 1950s films without subtitles missing from IMDb / not listed here.[/url]
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