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    I like slow movies where nothing seems to happen but after all you realise actually tons of stuff happened and you need to watch it again. But actually I like almost every genre, not westerns that much though. Even brainless college-movies are amazing sometimes.
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    Maria Loube

    Always tryin to be a film geek!
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    There is nothing I love more than turning down all the lights and watching a movie alone in my room.
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    My name is Lilja.
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    "It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything"

    "Psychic, though? That sounds like something out of science fiction." "We live in a spaceship, dear."

    "You cannot fight here! This is the war...
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    My name is Lilja.
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    Comics fan, TV addict, Librarian and all around geek.
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    My girlfriend and I surprisingly really like the show... and the first movie is pretty bad, but this one is just the worst.
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    Filme demorado demais! Coisa mais chata!!!
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    Twitter: ElizaAnnK
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