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    tomsalad checked Vampire Circus 6 minutes ago
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    rachel.r checked High Life 10 minutes ago

    High Life

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    nbatman commented on Kapurush 10 minutes ago
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  7. sam_sgtpepper67's avatar
    Sam_SgtPepper67 checked Aliens 11 minutes ago


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    eduardompa checked North by Northwest 11 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Der Fall Gleiwitz 11 minutes ago
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    PatrikMalmgren added Oblivion, Pacific Rim and Philomena to their watchlist 12 minutes ago




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  12. patrikmalmgren's avatar
    PatrikMalmgren added Man of Steel, Nebraska and Now You See Me to their watchlist 17 minutes ago


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    Hapax488 checked The Wife 18 minutes ago

    The Wife

  14. movielou13's avatar
    movielou13 checked Old Joy 19 minutes ago

    Old Joy

  15. dirkjungquist's avatar
    dirkjungquist checked Not Now 19 minutes ago

    Not Now


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