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    meyer73 checked Breaking Away 4 minutes ago
  3. migue's avatar
    Migue favorited list 200 Surrealist Films 5 minutes ago 200 Surrealist Films's avatar 200 Surrealist Films

    Top 200 surrealist films of all time according to members of
  4. zallen1's avatar
    zallen1 checked Instant Family 5 minutes ago
  5. astromat's avatar
    astromat checked Sudden Fear 5 minutes ago
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    joeri checked Rango 5 minutes ago


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    ariel.gugliotta joined iCheckMovies 5 minutes ago
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    Pluvia checked Cube 6 minutes ago


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  11. takeru's avatar
    Takeru added list Haberturk's Best Turkish Films, Cinemaya's Greatest Asian Films and Ekolay's Best Turkish Films to their watchlist 7 minutes ago
    Haberturk's Best Turkish Films's avatar

    Haberturk's Best Turkish Films

    In 2018, Haberturk asked 104 film professionals to vote for the best Turkish films. This...
    Cinemaya's Greatest Asian Films's avatar

    Cinemaya's Greatest Asian Films

    In 1998, Cinemaya asked 34 critics (mostly Asian critics) to list their 10 favorite Asian...
    Ekolay's Best Turkish Films's avatar

    Ekolay's Best Turkish Films

    In 2011, Ekolay asked 14 film professionals to list their 30 favorite Turkish films. This...
  12. rm's avatar
    RM checked Knives Out 7 minutes ago

    Knives Out

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    Concepterie checked Siberia 8 minutes ago


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    Jace Lightner favorited The Speed Cubers 9 minutes ago
  15. jace+lightner's avatar
    Jace Lightner checked The Speed Cubers 9 minutes ago

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