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    Looks like the unfinished background on white paper is really Isao Takahata's thing. Princess Kaguya and The Yamadas had it, and 1991's Only Yesterday plays with it to differentiate between flashbacks to Taeko's time in fifth grade (set in the 1960s), and the full, detailed frames of the 1982 present. It's a play on memory, this collection sparked by a trip to the country which she was denied as a child that year, but that eventually leads her to something buried in her, which we might today call impostor syndrome, forcing her to question whether she is really meant for the country or just a tourist poser. Along the way, we meet her family and class mates in memorable vignettes, and the people she meets on her vacation in the present, all well supported by the subtle (animated) acting. I don't mind the slow, reflective pace, though the present-day conversations about farming felt a like a heavy-handed manifesto and went on too long. All is forgiven at the end though, where the fantasy available to animation makes memory and reality combine in just the sweetest way. Great, great pay-off.
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