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  1. revision's avatar
    ReVision commented on To Kill a Mockingbird 7 minutes ago
    ReVision's avatar
    This one has been on my watchlist for over 10 years. Kept postponing watching it so many times in those years. But now that i have finally watched it, all i can say is. Oh boy, this is something truly special.
  2. zoleloz's avatar
    Zoleloz checked Bowfinger 15 minutes ago


  3. jlfitz's avatar
    jlfitz checked Tian jiang xiong shi 16 minutes ago
  4. groovy09's avatar
    Groovy09 disliked Diamonds Are Forever 16 minutes ago
  5. groovy09's avatar
    Groovy09 checked Diamonds Are Forever 16 minutes ago
  6. erb's avatar
    ERB favorited Black and Tan 16 minutes ago
  7. daninne's avatar
    daninne checked Elisa y Marcela 16 minutes ago
  8. tor+fredrik's avatar
    Tor Fredrik checked Le chant du loup 17 minutes ago
  9. modafix's avatar
    Modafix checked Black Panther 17 minutes ago
  10. yhi's avatar
  11. revision's avatar
    ReVision favorited To Kill a Mockingbird 18 minutes ago
  12. thebanjohype's avatar
    Thebanjohype updated list Martin Scorsese's Favorite Films 19 minutes ago
    Martin Scorsese's Favorite Films's avatar

    Martin Scorsese's Favorite Films

    i'm sam disalle and this is the same list as the one i made on MUBI. let me know if anything...
  13. limbesdautomne's avatar
  14. deathtrail's avatar
  15. revision's avatar

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