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    faisalmoon2 favorited Storks just now


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    Pepo checked Suicide Squad 1 minute ago
  3. bishbosch's avatar
    bishbosch checked Eyes of Laura Mars 1 minute ago
  4. nitzer's avatar
    Nitzer added The Godfather: Part II to their watchlist 1 minute ago
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  6. hunziker's avatar
    Hunziker commented on Destry Rides Again 2 minutes ago
    Hunziker's avatar
    From the IMDb Trivia:

    James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich had an affair which lasted for the duration of filming. She later claimed that she had to have an abortion after Stewart made her pregnant.

    The chemistry is certainly palpable on the screen.
  7. dhavalchauhanlp's avatar
  8. siskoid's avatar
    Siskoid commented on King Kong 2 minutes ago
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    The film is a love letter to the original Kong and really made me want to see the original in its entirety more than anything. The movie is really three little films. I liked the mysterious boat ride a heck of a lot, and the last part, Kong's inevitable death, is touching even as an animatic. The middle part, however, is just one monster race/fight after another, and the extended edition simply adds an extra half hour of monster races and fights. Dull.
  9. organizzma's avatar
    organizzma added Hotaru no haka to their watchlist 2 minutes ago
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    RuudC checked En passion 3 minutes ago

    En passion

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    Flavio checked Mommy 3 minutes ago


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    argoristo checked The Help 3 minutes ago

    The Help

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    thefilmstage checked Best of Cinerama and Silence 4 minutes ago


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  15. tailchopper's avatar
    TailChopper checked Quantum of Solace 4 minutes ago

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