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    Though part of me wishes, per my personal taste, that Bergman would exercise a little more feeling and a little less thinking in his films (the "told my main character after the events have transpired" structure just doesn't work for me), In the last seconds of the film it got me. All of the many interpretations of what the events of the film are and what they represent don't really interest me that much until you put them through the lens of a character (I'm very much interested in the feeling behind the thinking, in stories and in life). Liv Ullmann is, I think, the heart of the film, because everything that happens is projected through her lens; her own perception of her troubled artist husband. The lack of clarity in the film's dreamlike events and flashbacks all come back to that character and her own lack of understanding.

    The composition is all very Bergman; characters framed by other characters and so on. It just so happens that I really enjoy the way Bergman shoots a movie, so it's not a complaint. It's somewhat misleading to call this movie a "horror movie," because it barely qualifies as one. It's creepy and unnerving, and there are some intense and somewhat-gory scenes, but it doesn't "scare" as much as it disturbs, much like some of his other films (Persona comes to mind).

    Max von Sydow doesn't get a chance to do much until the second and final castle scene, but he's so good in that scene. It's not a big, show-stopping performance (I mean, it's Bergman), but his subtle display of emotion is all the more impactful given how distant he is for the majority of the film. Liv Ullmann consistently impresses me, but I do think she overdoes her quasi-narator monologues. I don't know if I'm to blame it on her or Bergman, but it felt too overplayed, like a theatre performance. It's in those scenes when Bergman plays his hand too strongly. As an audience member, I like it when a filmmaker wraps me around their finger, and when you over-explain I don't feel entranced. However, that's me. I've encountered a lot of people to think and feel differently about film, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I still liked Hour of the Wolf a lot, and I can appreciate Ingmar Bergman's strengths even if his weaknesses keep me from truly loving his work.
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