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What is iCheckMovies?

Simply put, iCheckMovies is a website that enables people to track the movies they have seen. With its intuitive and fun interface, iCheckMovies provides you with more than just a checklist. Users can become friends with each other, discover new movies through the recommendation engine and compete with others for a top spot in the iCheckMovies charts.

Who made iCheckMovies? And why?

Answers to these questions can be found at the people page. Also, see our FAQ for more questions and answers.


News and developments on iCheckMovies can be found at our blog. For press related inquiries, please contact us.

What people say about us

iCheckMovies [is] absolutely great for helping you get your ‘films to see’ lists in order.

We like the fact that all 1,000 films are listed on one nicely constructed page. They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?

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[...] the site has other great features to offer such as sharing you watched movies list with friends and impressing them.

iCheckMovies is the of film: awesome. Alex Muller

I really dig the site and I am sure you will too!