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It's a Wonderful Life

19 December, 2011 — 51 comments

Christmas is coming! Normally, after two days of festivities one gets to rest, but not for us this year. We don't mind it though, as the 27th of December will be the day iCheckMovies 2.0 launches! Hooray. We can't tell how great it feels to…

Ça commence aujourd'hui

20 October, 2011 — 33 comments

A couple of weeks ago, we called for people to apply for our beta test. We are happy to say that today, the beta has started! As it is a…


04 October, 2011 — 18 comments

In all our enthusiasm, we announced that we were working on iCheckMovies 2.0 quite a long time ago. Although most of you have been very…

Modern Times

06 September, 2011 — 39 comments

As you all have noticed, our servers were under so much stress that they had trouble keeping up with all the activities. The need was…

IMDb votes import

16 August, 2011

As many, many of you noticed, IMDb has significantly changed the layout of their…


The color of money

26 July, 2011

As you might have noticed, we removed the banner asking you for donations. What we hoped…



10 July, 2011

As a lot of you have noticed, there has been a recent outbreak of spam messages. Just like…


Video Blog: The making of a custom avatar

07 July, 2011

As your donations are coming in, we are busy planning our next move. 11 comments

There's no limit

04 July, 2011

Let's start this post by saying that we are blown away by your support. We couldn't have…



04 July, 2011

Like we mentioned a few days ago, we…


How To Get Ahead in Advertising

23 June, 2011 — 58 comments

Social media

17 May, 2011 — 19 comments

50.000+ users

08 May, 2011 — 37 comments

Criterion Collection updated

04 May, 2011 — 15 comments

Doubling the Canon - 2011 version

30 April, 2011 — 36 comments
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