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How To Get Ahead in Advertising

23 June, 2011 — 59 comments

As most of you (I'm looking at you, AdBlockers) might have noticed, iCheckMovies is now featuring ads. As we can imagine, this might strike you as annoying. It's a necessary evil though.

Let us tell you why.

Social media

17 May, 2011 — 20 comments

As most of you know, social media are kind of like a big thing. Of course, we also have jumped on the bandwagon. As it's easy to lose track of…

50.000+ users

08 May, 2011 — 40 comments

Today we have reached another milestone: 50.000+ registered users. For this we really want to thank you guys and girls, as without your…

Criterion Collection updated

04 May, 2011 — 15 comments

Thanks to the fantastic efforts of Knaldskalle, we have been able to update

Doubling the Canon - 2011 version

30 April, 2011

Hello there!

We received several emails notifying us of the fact that the…


Incorrect search results bug fixed

28 March, 2011

Hi there,

After an intensive search, we finally managed to squash that pesky…



25 February, 2011

Today iCheckMovies will experience several hours of downtime as our servers will be moved to…


Some fixes and updated lists

20 February, 2011

Today's release fixes the following problems:

And the small surprise is...

14 February, 2011 new top lists! Yeah, that's right, seven! We have listened to all your requests and…


Duplicate entries: fixed

11 February, 2011

We have fixed the duplicate entries problem! All existing duplicates have been removed (and…


Duplicate entries

08 February, 2011 — 23 comments

Some small fixes

06 February, 2011 — 23 comments

The 21st Century's Most Acclaimed Films updated

30 January, 2011 — 13 comments

They Update Top Lists, Don't They?

23 January, 2011 — 27 comments

Improved search and still more fixes

05 January, 2011 — 44 comments
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