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Il futuro

22 April, 2015 — 60 comments

Lately, we (the guys) have been thinking on what direction we want iCM to be headed. As a result of our discussions, we have a list of things we want to change or do differently. In general, you can say that we ourselves want to focus less on…

IMDb import bugfix

21 March, 2010 — 23 comments

Although we enthusiastically announced that we fixed a bug in the IMDb import (which we did), we inadvertently introduced another bug…

IMDb votes import

16 August, 2011 — 44 comments

As many, many of you noticed, IMDb has significantly changed the layout of their votes/ratings pages. This had the nasty side-effect of our…

IMDb votes import working again

31 December, 2010 — 51 comments

Hi guys and girls,

This week was rather hectic, due to various bugs popping-up. The good news is, we have been working very,…

Import any movie

21 December, 2010

For quite some time, we at iCheckMovies have only included movies that are (or have been) in…


Importing your IMDB votes

22 May, 2009

Do you have public vote history on IMDB? If so, why go through all the trouble of manually…


Improved search and still more fixes

05 January, 2011

For a long while, our search functionality was adequate. Not great, but is sufficed for most…


Incorrect search results bug fixed

28 March, 2011

Hi there,

After an intensive search, we finally managed to squash that pesky…


Intermediate release

15 March, 2010

You will probably have noticed that the updates have become less frequent. This is due to us…


It's a Wonderful Life

19 December, 2011

Christmas is coming! Normally, after two days of festivities one gets to rest, but not for…



04 January, 2012 — 41 comments


13 May, 2014 — 16 comments

Many, many new top lists

15 September, 2009 — 14 comments

Maximum Overdrive

27 November, 2012 — 43 comments

Men at Work

04 April, 2014 — 61 comments
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