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They Update Top Lists, Don't They?

23 January, 2011 — 27 comments

As several of you had noticed, the folks at They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? had updated their great The 1,000 Greatest Films list. Even though we're very busy with iCheckMovies 2.0,…

Improved search and still more fixes

05 January, 2011 — 44 comments

For a long while, our search functionality was adequate. Not great, but is sufficed for most intents and purposes. However, due to the massive…

IMDb votes import working again

31 December, 2010 — 51 comments

Hi guys and girls,

This week was rather hectic, due to various bugs popping-up. The good news is, we have been working very,…

Import any movie

21 December, 2010 — 155 comments

For quite some time, we at iCheckMovies have only included movies that are (or have been) in one or more top lists. However, a large number of…

Merry Christmas

20 December, 2010

As we really, really like you guys, we decided that we wanted to give you all a (small)…


What's taking so long?

09 November, 2010

It's about time we told you what the status of iCheckMovies 2.0 is, don't you agree? We're…



18 October, 2010

The competitive award of iCheckMovies ( 81 comments

Automatic cleanup of messages

13 October, 2010

You are probably all aware of the fact that we automatically send out messages when the…


The need... for speed

12 October, 2010

Alot of people noticed that the website was becoming slower and slower. Unfortunately, they…


iCheckMovies Facebook group

04 August, 2010

During the last one and a half year, we have been totally flabbergasted by the number of…


Video Blog: Groups

29 July, 2010 — 15 comments

Something to reward your patience...

26 July, 2010 — 16 comments

Video Blog: Adding your own movie lists

11 July, 2010 — 43 comments

iCM 2.0 preview: checking any movie

08 May, 2010 — 111 comments

Search fixed

18 April, 2010 — 5 comments
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