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Merry Christmas

20 December, 2010 — 31 comments

As we really, really like you guys, we decided that we wanted to give you all a (small) Christmas present. Expect to see it soon (probably tomorrow).

Modern Times

06 September, 2011 — 41 comments

As you all have noticed, our servers were under so much stress that they had trouble keeping up with all the activities. The need was…

More features (and top lists)!

05 June, 2009 — 8 comments

We have just updated iCheckMovies. We have added several much requested features, most notably more top lists. These are the features we have…

More feeds, less bugs

08 February, 2010 — 24 comments

We just did a short update to fix some things and add some more feeds. Besides our news feed you can now subscribe to:

Movie quiz: The Cryptic Canvas

24 May, 2009

When we're not watching movies, we talk about them. When we can't find anyone to talk to, we…


National Film Registry

08 January, 2010

The National Film Registry released their new selections for their list ( 22 comments

New servers!

14 August, 2009

Due to the bigger than expected succes of iCheckMovies, our server was having a very hard…


New update

14 August, 2009

Thanks to the servers performing admirably once again, we were able to put out a new version…


New week, new features

26 May, 2009

You asked, we listened.

After days and nights of hard work, we have…


New year, new official lists

29 January, 2019

Over the middle of last year we asked for feedback on what lists should be official, ending…


New year, new update

10 January, 2010 — 22 comments

No more ads and new and customizable lists

13 November, 2009 — 26 comments

Nominations for new official lists

06 April, 2018 — 15 comments


03 July, 2009 — 3 comments


04 October, 2011 — 18 comments
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