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Duplicate entries: fixed

11 February, 2011 — 14 comments

We have fixed the duplicate entries problem! All existing duplicates have been removed (and none can be added). If you do happen to find any lingering duplicates, please do tell us.

Note that the duplicates might still be in…

The Unknown

30 September, 2013 — 14 comments

As promised, a new batch of lists for your viewing pleasure! This time around, we've chosen lists with lesser known films, a long-time missing…

Double Impact

17 October, 2014 — 14 comments

As some of you will have noticed, sometimes duplicate movies appear on iCM. This is due to a mistake in our source of movies, IMDb. Luckily,…

The Hunt for Red October

01 October, 2015 — 14 comments

As you may recall, in the previous blog post the newly appointed moderators asked…

Polls for new official lists

14 June, 2018

In our last blog post we talked about running a poll for new official lists and thanks to…


Many, many new top lists

15 September, 2009

Well, new features are one thing, but what about new top lists? What about 5 new top lists?…


Five new lists

30 October, 2009

We know most of you guys are always hungry for new top lists, so we listened to what you…


The 21st Century's Most Acclaimed Films updated

30 January, 2011

Well, the title says it all. After updating the 13 comments

The Informant!

18 August, 2014

As some of you might know, we are working on a new version of iCheckMovies. This new version…


Changes in team and new lists!

31 March, 2020

…and we’re back! In our previous blogpost we promised even more lists. We’re happy to add…


Video Blog: The making of a custom avatar

07 July, 2011 — 12 comments

The Searchers

08 February, 2012 — 12 comments

Re-ordering fixed!

19 March, 2010 — 11 comments

Behind the scenes

09 April, 2013 — 11 comments

Happy New Year!

14 January, 2018 — 11 comments
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