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Five new lists

30 October, 2009 — 14 comments

We know most of you guys are always hungry for new top lists, so we listened to what you guys requested and added the following five top lists:

Fixed AKA titles

20 October, 2009 — 20 comments

Okay, so a lot of you guys preferred to have films listed by their original title instead of their AKA title. How could we know you guys were…

Watchlists, disliked movies and context menus.

19 October, 2009 — 27 comments

Thanks for the feedback everyone! As you can tell, we quickly reverted the English titles feature :)

Many, many new top lists

15 September, 2009 — 15 comments

Well, new features are one thing, but what about new top lists? What about 5 new top lists? I'm sorry, you want even more? Okay, how…

A wider, better iCheckMovies

13 September, 2009

Today marks the day of a better than ever The last days have been full of…


New update

14 August, 2009

Thanks to the servers performing admirably once again, we were able to put out a new version…


New servers!

14 August, 2009

Due to the bigger than expected succes of iCheckMovies, our server was having a very hard…


And more lists...

03 July, 2009

You all like lists (otherwise you wouldn't be here), so how about some new ones?

Big update

03 July, 2009

So you thought after a couple of weeks without updates that we were enjoying the fruits of…



03 July, 2009

You have probably noticed that the site isn't what it used to be, speed-wise. The reason for…



12 June, 2009 — 8 comments

More features (and top lists)!

05 June, 2009 — 9 comments

New week, new features

26 May, 2009 — 34 comments

Movie quiz: The Cryptic Canvas

24 May, 2009 — 49 comments

Tracking favorites

23 May, 2009 — 2 comments
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