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Tracking favorites

23 May, 2009 — 1 comment

Since everyone seems so keen on finding out what everybody's favorite movies is, let us help you out with that.

As you know, we keep track of your checked movies, but also of your favorites. The top favorite movies end…

Twitter extension now working as it should

23 January, 2010 — 42 comments

Yesterday saw the release of the first iCheckMovies extension. Unfortunately, it didn't…

Updated TSPDT 21st century list and new spanish movies list

01 February, 2010 — 16 comments

A lot of people asked us to update the The 21st Century's…

Video Blog: Adding your own movie lists

11 July, 2010 — 42 comments

One of the most requested features for version 2.0 is the 'add your own list' feature. Our designer Piet will…

Video Blog: Groups

29 July, 2010

Despite the tropic-like weather over here, we have made great progress last week. One 2.0…


Video Blog: The making of a custom avatar

07 July, 2011

As your donations are coming in, we are busy planning our next move. 12 comments


30 December, 2011

Lots of you noticed that there was a problem with the watchlist, where we lost data during…


Watchlists, disliked movies and context menus.

19 October, 2009

Thanks for the feedback everyone! As you can tell, we…


We love movies, as do you (apparently)

22 May, 2009

We couldn't help noticing that 10 comments

Welcome to!

01 May, 2009

Hi there, welcome to the blog. Through this blog, we will keep you updated…


What's taking so long?

09 November, 2010 — 136 comments

Who runs the Box Office? Latin Women!

01 March, 2020 — 19 comments

¿Dónde está Santa Claus?

09 January, 2021 — 10 comments
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