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Import any movie

21 December, 2010 — 155 comments

For quite some time, we at iCheckMovies have only included movies that are (or have been) in one or more top lists. However, a large number of users also wants to use iCheckMovies to keep track of all the movies they have seen. For those…

What's taking so long?

09 November, 2010 — 136 comments

It's about time we told you what the status of iCheckMovies 2.0 is, don't you agree? We're going to do that in a minute, but let us explain…

iCheckMovies: The Next Generation

27 December, 2011 — 116 comments

As you can tell by looking around you, we've finally made it: iCheckMovies 2.0! We're so happy to finally share the much improved version of…

iCM 2.0 preview: checking any movie

08 May, 2010 — 111 comments

We know you guys really want iCheckMovies 2.0 to be released. We are working our proverbial asses off, but to ease the waiting we will be…


04 July, 2011

Like we mentioned a few days ago, we…


The Social Network

24 April, 2012

iCheckMovies is about to turn three. To celebrate, we're introducing a major new feature.…



18 October, 2010

The competitive award of iCheckMovies ( 81 comments

The Departed

07 October, 2015

We have an announcement to make.

Erik and Piet have indicated that they want…


And the small surprise is...

14 February, 2011 new top lists! Yeah, that's right, seven! We have listened to all your requests and…


Il futuro

22 April, 2015

Lately, we (the guys) have been thinking on what direction we want iCM to be headed. As a…


Men at Work

04 April, 2014 — 61 comments

There's no limit

04 July, 2011 — 60 comments

How To Get Ahead in Advertising

23 June, 2011 — 59 comments

Home Improvement

01 May, 2012 — 56 comments

It's a Wonderful Life

19 December, 2011 — 52 comments
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