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Video Blog: Groups

29 July, 2010 — 15 comments

Despite the tropic-like weather over here, we have made great progress last week. One 2.0 part that is nearing completion is the new 'groups' feature.

Our lead developer Erik will walk you…

Video Blog: Adding your own movie lists

11 July, 2010 — 43 comments

One of the most requested features for version 2.0 is the 'add your own list' feature. Our designer Piet will…

Five new lists

30 October, 2009 — 13 comments

We know most of you guys are always hungry for new top lists, so we listened to what you guys requested and added the following five top…

Big update

03 July, 2009 — 2 comments

So you thought after a couple of weeks without updates that we were enjoying the fruits of our labour? Guess again! We were very busy giving…

More features (and top lists)!

05 June, 2009

We have just updated iCheckMovies. We have added several much requested features, most…

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