Ballot for new official lists

Hello everyone,

It’s time for the final phase of getting your feedback on which lists should be official. We’ve narrowed things down to the lists people seemed most interested in, and now we’re hoping to gauge the strength of interest (or disinterest) in these lists. The poll results won’t be the only thing we’ll consider in future adoption decisions, but they are an important part of our process of knowing what users of the site are most interested in.

How to vote:

  • If you have Excel, download the Excel spreadsheet (click the down arrow button). Otherwise download the Google spreadsheet as an ods or csv file (click File, Download as).
  • In the leftmost column, rate every list on a scale from -1 to 4 (see the rating scale below).
  • Email the spreadsheet to [email protected] and mention your iCM username in the email.
  • Post in this thread to say that you voted.
If you want to view the iCM lists before voting, a webpage with links is available.

Rating Scale:
4: I very much want this list to be official.
3: I somewhat want this list to be official.
2: This list should be official, but I don’t feel strongly about it.
1: I wouldn’t mind this being official but I don’t care.
0: This list should not be official, but I don’t feel strongly about it.
-1: I’m strongly against this list being official.

If you do not care about a list, you may give it a 0 or 1.
There are no restrictions on how you distribute your votes, so please be honest and please take a little time to look at what each list represents and its source.

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to announce that, a few months back, we added a new member to our moderation team, beavis who we hope will add some fresh insight to our decision making process in future list selections.

Happy voting!


The iCheckMovies team

15 August, 2018