The competitive award of iCheckMovies (the top users list) is something not everyone is interested in, but for a lot of people it is an important part of the website. Unfortunately, iCheckMovies' checks are based on trust. That means that we expect you guys and girls to only check a movie when you have really seen it, but we cannot determine whether every single check is valid. Perhaps this was not clear to some users, as some users have checked movies they admitted to not having seen them.

Let it be clear: you should never check a movie that you have not seen. Period. Ignoring this warning (and thus checking movies you have not seen), will result in all your checks being deleted or even deletion of your account. We do not like to do this, so please play by the rules.

We already have devised some clever algorithms that can automatically detect cheaters, but as this is a typical Red Queen's Race (see Red Queen Hypothesis), constant refinement is required. We could really use your help, so please post any of your ideas on how to detect cheaters.

Thanks in advance.

18 October, 2010