In our previous blog post, we stated that we wanted to involve you, the iCM community, more. The first part of this shift towards are more community-driven website has already been taken: we appointed seven moderators to help us with handling lists. They make sure that toplists are kept up-to-date, but also select which lists to adopt. Their efforts are a huge help for us, as it leaves us more time to focus on developing iCM.

So who are these illusive toplist moderators? Well, here they are, in alphabetical order:

We chose these users because they have consistently been a great help in keeping our lists up-to-date. Note that more moderators may be added later, although we don't plan to have more at this time.

Besides keeping the lists up-to-date, the mods were also given the task to choose which lists to adopt this round. They chose the following eight lists, which are now all official:

We feel that they have done a great job selecting the lists, and we are not only saying that because it saved us time ;) To make the selection process as democratic as possible, the list mods have decided that you can help them by letting them know what lists you'd like to see adopted. To do that, you have three options:

  • Send a private message on iCM to PeacefulAnarchy
  • Send a private message on the (unofficial) iCM forum to PeacefulAnarchy
  • Submit a vote in a poll on the (unofficial) iCM forum poll (note: you don't need to register to vote)

We are very happy with the more community-driven approach to iCM, so expect us to expand upon this in the future!

Happy checking

17 June, 2015