Home Improvement

Over the past year, we have introduced a lot of new features to the website, iCheckMovies 2.0 being the biggest, and the activity feed being the last. We feel that now the time has come to change our focus. From now on, our main focus will be on improving the website. That means that we will be focusing on fixing bugs, improving performance and adding small (non-intrusive) features. The only big feature that we will be working on does not directly involve the website, namely the creating of mobile iCheckMovies applications.

As always, your feedback will be very important, as it will allow us to better choose what to work on and what not. To help us, we would really like to receive your feedback on the following questions:
1. What do you use iCheckMovies for? Do you only use it to keep track of your checks, or do you mainly use the website to find new movies, etc. Please let us know how you use the website.
2. What parts of the website should be improved, and why? If you also have a suggestion on how we should improve it, please let us know!
3. What parts of the website don't you care for, and why? Are there features you'd go so far as to actually rather see them removed from the website?

Through carefully reviewing your feedback on these questions, we hope to be able to have a better idea on what parts of the website should receive our attention.

Up until now, we received suggestions for new features through our contact form. However, this had several disadvantages, the biggest ones being that users could not see if an idea had already been suggested by another user and that it was hard for us to keep track of how much users wanted a new feature (yes, users can vote in Trello, but that only contains planned features). If you go to our iCheckMovies account at uservoice.com, you'll find a website where anyone (you do not need an account!) can suggest new features and vote on the features already suggested. This remedies both problems we just mentioned :) So if you have a feature suggestion for the website, the best way to do this is to add it to our uservoice.com account. If we decide that the feature is something that we will be working on, we'll create a card in Trello and you will be able to track its progress.

Hopefully we will receive lots of feedback, which we will invaluable for us in determining how to improve the website. Thanks in advance for your help!

1 May, 2012