IMDb votes import

As many, many of you noticed, IMDb has significantly changed the layout of their votes/ratings pages. This had the nasty side-effect of our votes import functionality not working anymore. As programmers should always try to keep side-effects to a minimum (for the geeks among you), we set out to fix this annoyance!

As of today, you should be able to import the new version of the ratings pages. There are some small things to take note of. First of all the urls have changed. The new urls look like this: (where the number is unique per user). Secondly, by default your ratings list will be private. You have to set it to be public in order for the votes import to work. To make a list public, go to its page and click on "Change list settings." A pop-up will open in which you'll have to click on "Make this list a public list visible to all IMDb Users." After that, you should be ready to go! Please note that importing might take (a lot) longer due to the votes being spread over several pages.

As we really pushed ourselves to deliver this functionality as soon as possible, there might be some bugs. If you find a bug, please let us know as soon as possible.


16 August, 2011