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For quite some time, we at iCheckMovies have only included movies that are (or have been) in one or more top lists. However, a large number of users also wants to use iCheckMovies to keep track of all the movies they have seen. For those users, and to be able to better accomodate personal top lists (coming in iCheckMovies 2.0), we have added functionality that will allow you to check any movie that has an IMDb page.

Originally, we planned to add this functionality as iCheckMovies 2.0 was released. Unfortunately, due to various reasons iCheckMovies 2.0 is taking longer than we anticipated. As you guys and girls have been so understanding, we felt the need to give something back to you. As Christmas is an excellent time for gifts, today we have added the "check any movie you'd like" functionality to iCheckMovies. Hands up if you are as excited about this as we are!

Now for a short description on how this works. The system has been implemented as a queue. That means that you don't get to instantaneously add movies to iCheckMovies (there are technical reasons for this limitation, which we won't bore you with). Instead, every time you want to add a movie (or the movies on an IMDb MyMovies list), we add it to the import queue. In the background, all those requests will be processed (using a first-in, first-out mechanism). To ensure that you don't forget about your pending movie additions, you'll automatically receive a private message when a request has been processed.

Now how do you use this functionality? Simply go to the add new movies page and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. For an elaborate description, please read the following blog post:

My favorite part of the add movies functionality is how it integrates with the IMDb votes import functionality. Just try importing your votes and you'll notice that all of the votes will now be imported. Immediately. That's right, no queueing whatsoever. Zip. Nothing. Nada. Needless to say, we'd recommend that you'd import your IMDb votes first before trying to add any movies manually.

As an important note, this functionality does not influence the ranking algorithm used to calculate the top users lists. That is due to the fact that only those movies are taken into account that are in at least one top list at the moment of calculation.

Of course, the add movies functionality will also be in iCheckMovies 2.0, along with some small improvements such as being able to see an overview of the movies you have imported and at what time.

We hope you'll like this feature! In the mean time, we will be continuing our hard work on iCheckMovies 2.0, which will be great.

Cheers and happy holidays,

The iCheckMovies team

21 December, 2010