Improved search and still more fixes

For a long while, our search functionality was adequate. Not great, but is sufficed for most intents and purposes. However, due to the massive number of entries added to our database, the need to improve our search functionality was obvious. Being the 1337 programmer he is, Marijn put in an amazing amount of effort in building the improved search. Today, that has resulted in a new release. The search functionality has been improved in three key points:
1. Speed: things are much, much faster now.
2. Relevance: the search results were not always that relevant. Now, the results should be far better.
3. Tolerance for typos: previously, searching for "star terk" was not likely to lead you to Spock, however the new search engine nicely returns the Star Trek movies you likely wanted to find.

We hope you'll enjoy this functionality. We are not done with the search engine, as we'll keep on tweaking it. In iCheckMovies 2.0, you will be able to indicate if you do not want any tv-series and/or tv-episodes being returned as search results, for those of you only interested in movies.

We also fixed a bug that prevented any entries being added to the movie queue (well, actually they were added but the result was not displayed) and another bug was fixed that ensures that IMDb lists with a lot of pages are handled better.

Lastly, we have finished our categorization of the existing entries in our database. This means that from now on, we will be able to discern between movies, tv-movies, tv-series and tv-episodes. iCheckMovies 2.0 will be using this integrally. Every entry being added henceforth will automatically be categorized. Videogames that had already been added before the categorization, have all been removed. You might find it interesting to see the current numbers on the categorized entries:

Movies: 88878
Tv-movies: 4829
Tv-series: 4815
Tv-episodes: 13611

Well, it appears that movies still far outnumber tv-series and tv-episodes, so our domain name is still valid ;)

Everybody that has posted a bug-report, through our contact form or via a comment, thanks so much! You really help in making the website becoming better and better.


5 January, 2011