Kong and the Silver Dove: Ape with a Movie Camera

Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere, and with the changing of the seasons comes another regular happening: new list adoptions!

We have four lists to add to the Official roster this round, and we hope that you will enjoy perusing each one of them and exploring what they have to offer to all cinephiles new and old.

First up, we have the newest list, Encuesta de cine argentino's Top Argentinian Films from a poll conducted last year. It's an update to previous polls done about Argentinian cinema in 1977 and 2000, the latter of which is also on icm. We've long wanted a proper list of Argentinian cinema, but felt the previous one was too old, missing many great films from the 21st century that have won fans at festivals, awards, and arthouse cinemas around the world. 821 film were nominated by 546 voters in this robust poll, and our top list includes all films with at least 11 votes. World Cup Champions and a new official list? Vamos, vamos, Argentina! List first located by Angel Glez and adopted from Fergenaprido.

Second in line is another country list first published in 2021, Dovzhenko Centre's Top 100 Ukrainian Films. Often overshadowed by it's larger neighbour to the east, Ukraine's film industry first emerged over a hundred years ago within the Russian Empire, then Soviet Union, with the Centre's namesake Oleksandr (Alexander) Dovzhenko as one of the early star filmmakers of Soviet and Ukrainian cinema. This poll of national and international film critics sought to produce a list of the best films in the history of Ukrainian cinema, and the final list spans almost 100 years from the end of the silent era to 2020. Adopted from Timec.

Thirdly, we have one of the most well-known and prestigious genre film festival awards: Sitges Film Festival - El Kong Premi a la millor pel·lícula. Formerly known as the Maria Award, the Kong honours the best horror, fantasy, or science fiction film at the festival. Sitges is the only FIAPF-accredited competitive specialized film festival dedicated to showcasing some of the best genre films from around the world each year. Submissions for this year's festival are due July 17th, if any of our users have a film they wish to be screened there. Adopted from DulceDoes.

Lastly, our final new list adoption focuses on one aspect often considered crucial to a film's success: how it looks. The American Society of Cinematographers' 100 Milestone Films in Cinematography of the 20th Century, as voted by their members in celebration of the Society's 100th anniversary. From Metropolis to In the Mood for Love, these films have given us iconic visuals, and provided countless inspirations to young and aspiring filmmakers and filmgoers for generations past, present, and future. Adopted from The_Claw.

In other list news, Sight & Sound Magazine finally released the full ballots for all participants in their once a decade poll, so our Sight & Sound List has been updated. The TSPDT lists were also updated by Bill, and he's gone back to working on the 1000 Noirs list, which will likely hit 1000 films before the end of the year at his current pace (55 to go). TSZDT also got it's first update in two years, and the Doubling the Canon project is currently in the voting stage and will receive it's update in a few weeks' time.

Most national awards have been handed out in the past few months, including the Oscars where Everything Everywhere All at Once and All Quiet on the Western Front took most of the major awards, though the latter surprisingly failed to win the Lola for Best Film in its home country.

And finally, thanks to user Lahey for creating a CSS fix for the Awards Shelf Display. Awards should no longer hang off the shelves, though Marijn warns it may take some time for fix to show up in everyone's account.

Thanks again to mterry1988 for his list icon designs.

Many thanks,

The iCheckMovies Team

18 May, 2023