Polls for new official lists

In our last blog post we talked about running a poll for new official lists and thanks to many people's participation we've gotten 160 nominations. In the past we had people rate all the lists but 160 lists is a lot to examine and consider, so what we'd like first is to narrow this down into a more manageable set of lists. So we've set up five voting threads for people to tell us which lists they think should move on to the final round and be more closely considered by the community.

For convenience we've broken them up roughly by type:
Poll: Country lists that should be official
Poll: Genre lists that should be official
Poll: Critic/director lists that should be official
Poll: General lists that should be official
Poll: Award lists that should be official

The polls are broken up separately for convenience, but all the lists will be compared to each other, so vote for as many or as few as you wish, and if none strike your fancy be sure to vote None. Remember you're voting on whether the list should be considered, so it's up to you whether that means only vote for lists you really love or vote for anything you think should be official, or vote for anything you don't oppose being official, or any other cutoff you choose. The final poll will let people express that difference.

Voting ends on July 8th. Shortly after that we'll prepare a ballot with the finalists where you'll be able to rate each list on how much you think it deserves to be official, so we can make a distinction between lists some people love and others hate or lists everyone is kind of ok with, etc.

Thank you all for participating.

14 June, 2018