Social media

As most of you know, social media are kind of like a big thing. Of course, we also have jumped on the bandwagon. As it's easy to lose track of all the options, this post will list the various social media that are linked to iCheckMovies, both official and unofficial.

You can follow us using the official icheckMovies account. If you are interested in the people behind iCheckMovies, you can also follow us personally: Erik's account, Piet's account, Marijn's account. Obviously, these accounts will also post information that is not directly related to iCheckMovies, although they might give (not so) subtle hints on what we are working at currently.

Besides following us on Twitter, it is also possible to have iCheckMovies automatically tweet your last checks to your Twitter account. To enable this, go to the settings page. Then go to the "Extensions" tab and click on the "Connect to Twitter" button. This will redirect you to Twitter where you can give iCheckMovies permission to automatically tweet messages to your account. If permission is granted, iCheckMovies will start automatically tweeting your last checks. Should you at any time decide that you don't want this feature enabled anymore, simply go to the "Extensions" tab again and click "Disconnect."

iCheckMovies also has an official Facebook page. Although you can post questions there, we definitely prefer it if you'd send us an email. There is also an unofficial iCheckMovies Facebook group. In this group, you can discuss everything iCheckMovies/movie related. There already are lots of very interesting discussions, so we really recommend you to join.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to automatically post your last checks to Facebook (like the Twitter functionality). However, rest assured that this is something that is definitely coming in a future release! Honestly, you can stop emailing us ;)

Almost from the very first minute, we have received requests from a lot of people to create a forum dedicated to iCheckMovies. Due to various reasons (lack of time being the primary one), we have not been able to grant this wish. However, you guys and girls being completely awesome, have stepped up and created it yourselves! The unofficial iCheckMovies forum is very well organized and has already got some great discussions and members (most of which are also on the unofficial Facebook group). We suggest you to join this too! :)

All in all, there are already a lot of options to discuss/read about iCheckMovies on the various social media, so you can choose whatever you fancy. Lastly, we must say that we are truly excited about the unofficial Facebook group and unofficial forum. They are great initiatives with a great set of people behind them. Our thanks go out to all the people making these initiatives as great as they are. We hope you'll join them, just as we have done :) Happy posting!

17 May, 2011