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Thank you for all of the time and hard work you've put in on this site.

As someone who's not active in the community, I appreciate all the work everyone puts in here.

I wish I had some talents I could offer, but I'll do my best not to take for granted the efforts being put in here by everyone.
4 years 9 months ago
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Like everybody else, I just wanted to say thanks for your extensive work :) I'm really sorry to hear that you are leaving, but as the owner of a community website, I'm very familiar with the feeling of "fun becoming work". And when you get to that place, it's probably time to look for a new pastime :)
ICM has been an indispensable resource for my film hobby for several years, and I can't image that will change anytime soon.

As for you, Marijn, I can only hope and cross my fingers that you don't find anything better to do with your time :D Keep up the amazing work - it's really appreciated!
4 years 9 months ago
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For potential interested people in joining the site development: what technologies are you using to design and implement the back-end and front-end of ICM?
4 years 9 months ago
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Thanks for all the great work!
You should really be proud of what you've created!
4 years 9 months ago
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I can definitely say that this website is like a medication that the doctor has ordered to be taken 3x a day at the minimum. I would very much like to help out in some way. I have a few ideas of my own.
4 years 9 months ago
jerry warton's avatar

jerry warton

Thank you for breeding ICM by ICM's #2
4 years 9 months ago
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P.S. With only Marijn left, does this now mean there is solely "The Guy"?

Haha yes, for now it is ;)
4 years 9 months ago
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Very shocking news.. We users appreciate all of the hard work and hours you fellas have put into creating and maintaining this website over the years. I can easily say iCM is one of the few websites I visit (almost) daily. It has brought so many new films and directors into view that I most likely never would have discovered without this incredible website. Anyway, thanks for everything and wish you two the very best!

P.S. With only Marjin left, does this now mean there is solely "The Guy"?
4 years 9 months ago
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Erik and Piet , We thank you for all you have done in creating this wonderful website for us film freaks.

We wish you the best , for everything you would be putting your minds to in the future....

And Marjin, thanks for staying On and i am sure you ll get good support from the new moderators and us users.
4 years 9 months ago
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Thanks for all of your hard work - your creation has been a central part of my life since I found you in 2011, and I hope to help out to keep things running. Best of luck.
4 years 9 months ago
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Quite a surprise this. Thanks for everything Erik and Piet!
4 years 9 months ago

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