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This page shows you the list charts. By default, the movies are ordered by how many times they have been marked as a favorite. However, you can also sort by other information, such as the total number of times it has been marked as a dislike.


  1. Kim Newman's Nightmare Movies's icon

    Kim Newman's Nightmare Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 36:1. This list contains all movies mentioned in Kim Newman's "Nightmare Movies: Horror on Screen Since the 1960s"; an encycopaedic critical reference guide to modern horror, taking Night of the Living Dead (1968) as its starting point, and continuing to the publication date of the second edition in 2011. While chiefly concerned with the evolution of the horror film, the book will occasionally mention non-horror to compare and contrast. #1-119: Chapter 1 - Shoot 'Em in the Head! or The Birth of the Hate Generation #120-273: Chapter 2 - The Indian Summer of the British Horror Film #274-396: Chapter 3 - The Changing Face of Classical Gothic: #397-563: Chapter 4 - Devil Movies or: "If the mousse tastes chalky, don't eat it." #564-687: Chapter 5 - Deep in the Heart of Texas or: The Down-Home, Up-Country, Multi-Implement Massacre Movie #688-1245: Chapter 6 - Paranoia Paradise or: Five Things to Worry About #1246-1460: Chapter 7 - Tales of Ordinary Madness or: The Close-Up Crazies #1461-1595: Chapter 8 - Auteurs #1596-1764: Chapter 9 - The Weirdo Horror Film or: Cult, Kitsch, Camp, Sick, Punk and Pornography #1765-1889: Chapter 10 - Psycho Movies or: "I didn't Raise my Girl to be a Severed Head" #1890-1977: Chapter 11 - Ghost Stories #1978-2162: Chapter 12 - Return to the past #2163-2331: Chapter 13 - Cannibal Zombie Gut-Crunchers - Italian Style! #2332-2398: Chapter 14 - Fun with the Living Dead #2399-2428: Postscript: The Post-Modern Horror Film #2429-2723: Chapter 2.1 - The Lecter Variations #2724-3133: Chapter 2.2 - Vampires and Other Stereotypes #3134-3604: Chapter 2.3 - Scream and Scream Again: Franchises, Post-Modernism, Remakes #3605-3973: Chapter 2.4 - At First Just Ghostly #3974-4151: Chapter 2.5 - Virtual Realities and Imaginary Friends #4152-4351: Chapter 2.6 - Why Are Your Doing This to Me? #4352-4439: Chapter 2.7 - More Auteurs #4440-4720: Chapter 2.8 - Zombie Apocalypse Now! #4721-4725: Postscript: There will still be blood
  2. Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide.'s icon

    Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide.

    Favs/dislikes: 21:0. From the Silent Era Through 1965. All 3, 3.5 et 4 stars ratings. Second Edition
  3. Dictionary of Films from Jacques Lourcelles's icon

    Dictionary of Films from Jacques Lourcelles

    Favs/dislikes: 52:0. 1508 movies up to year 1992. Movies from every part of the world selected and analyzed by Jacques Lourcelles, a french cinema critic. A lot of movies (mostly french) you won't find on any other lists
  4. The Big Screen - The Story of the Movies (2012) - David Thomson's icon

    The Big Screen - The Story of the Movies (2012) - David Thomson

    Favs/dislikes: 14:0. All films mentioned in Thomson's book. + "Band of Brothers", "Berlin Alexanderplatz", "Boardwalk Empire", "Brideshead Revisited", "Deadwood", "Dexter", "Downtown Abbey", "I Love Lucy", "John Adams", "Mad Men", "Mission: Impossible", "Monty Python's Flying Circus", "Perry Mason", "Rawhide", "Sex and the City", "Six Feet Under", "The Sopranos", "Starsky and Hutch", "Star Trek", "True Blood", "24", "Twin Peaks", "The Wire", "The World at War" and "You Bet Your Life" among other TV-(mini)series. Also included are "Cathy Come Home" and "The Century of the Self". ISBN: 978-0-374-53413-4
  5. The Horror Show Guide: The Ultimate Frightfest of Movies's icon

    The Horror Show Guide: The Ultimate Frightfest of Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 2:0. All entries from the book written by Mike Mayo. From atomic bombs to zealous zombies, this cinephile’s guidebook reviews 1,000 of the wickedest, weirdest, and wackiest scary movies from every age of horror. With reviews on many overlooked, underappreciated gems such as Alice Sweet Alice, Daughters of Darkness, and Zombie, as well as the numerous Stephen King adaptations and modern updates such as Night of the Living Dead 3D and The Wolfman, new devotees as well as the discriminating dark cinema enthusiast will love this big, beautiful, end-all, be-all guide to an always popular film genre.
  6. Ed Gonzalez: Top 10s's icon

    Ed Gonzalez: Top 10s

    Favs/dislikes: 20:0. 1910s is a decade and starting from 1920 will be annual. He counted both Olympia films as one
  7. Roger Ebert's Annual Top Ten Lists's icon

    Roger Ebert's Annual Top Ten Lists

    Favs/dislikes: 95:2. Every year since 1967 the famed film critic Roger Ebert has released a list of his ten favorite films of the year. In some recent years he has divided up the lists, making separate top tens (or twenties) for documentaries and foreign-language films. I've included all the lists here.
  8. Jean-Louis Bory. French Critic's icon

    Jean-Louis Bory. French Critic

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. Jean-Louis Bory, the famously french movie critic. Critics from 1961 to 1979. From his 8 books : Des yeux pour voir, La nuit complice, Ombre vive, L'écran fertile, La lumière écrit, L'obstacle et la gerbe, Rectangle multiple, Dernières chroniques cinématographiques
  9. Top10ner’s Critic Edition: 500 'Greatest' Movies of All Time's icon

    Top10ner’s Critic Edition: 500 'Greatest' Movies of All Time

    Favs/dislikes: 9:0. Combined the Critic ratings from Rotten Tomatoes (Average Rating & Tomatometer), Metacritic and Letterboxd, and then weighted and tweaked the results with general film data from IMDb and iCheckMovies (incl. Official Top Lists) to reveal the 500 Movies that the Critics love.
  10. Leonard Maltin's Must-See Movies 2011 - 365 reviews and recommendations's icon

    Leonard Maltin's Must-See Movies 2011 - 365 reviews and recommendations

    Favs/dislikes: 14:1. "Leonard Maltin's Must See Movies 2011 features a full year's worth of great films, each and every one of which Leonard Maltin would personally recommend to anyone. From classics to indies, slapstick comedies to documentaries, family films to edgier fare - no genre is unexplored. Cast and director information accompanies Mr. Maltin's incisive and witty capsule reviews, and every film is available on DVD. Coming from the worlds of Hollywood, independent cinema, and abroad, these 365 films promise inspiration and entertainment for the year ahead, making them truly must-see movies."
  11. Horror Movies: An Illustrated Survey's icon

    Horror Movies: An Illustrated Survey

    Favs/dislikes: 2:0. The filmography of the 1968 book by Carlos Clarens. Also known as "An Illustrated History of the Horror Film", this was a seminal academic study of horror films, one of the first critical studies to take the genre seriously.
  12. Dave Kehr's Annual Top Ten Lists's icon

    Dave Kehr's Annual Top Ten Lists

    Favs/dislikes: 17:0. Film critic Dave Kehr's annual top ten lists since 1974.
  13. Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 Movies (Nominees)'s icon

    Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 Movies (Nominees)

    Favs/dislikes: 10:0. On May 23, 2004, TIME Magazine published online their list of "100 estimable films since TIME began, with the March 3, 1923 issue." Critics Richard Corliss and Richard Schickel collaborated on the list, and their original 100 films comprise selections 1-106 below. TIME subsequently added 20 more titles in February of 2005, and they are included in titles 107-134. In the process of making the original list, Corliss and Schickel had each started with a list of over 100 nominees. Of the 36 films on both lists, 31 made the original cut. Of the remaining five, one (All About My Mother) was included in the '05 addendum while the other four are items 135-138 below. Entries 139-234 represent the remaining nominees.
  14. The Hollywood Romantic Comedy's icon

    The Hollywood Romantic Comedy

    Favs/dislikes: 10:0. From the book by Leger Grindon (2011). The filmography is arranged by a chronological progression of themes: Transition to Sound (1930-1933) Screwball (1934-1942) World war II and the Homefront (1942-1946) Post-War: Melancholy and Reconciliation (1947-1953) The Comedies of Seduction: The Playboy, the Gold Digger, and the Virgin (1953-1966) The transition through the counter-culture (1967-1976) Nervous Romance (1977-1987) Reaffirmation of Romance (1986-1996) Grotesque and Ambivalent (1997-present)
  15. Ebert's Great Movies II's icon

    Ebert's Great Movies II

    Favs/dislikes: 18:0. Below is a subset of Roger Ebert's list of great films containing only those in his book "The Great Movies II", published in 2005. Originally I only listed three full-length feature films in lieu of Ebert's "Buster Keaton" chapter, but I have since brought this list in line with the official iCheck version of Ebert's Great Movies. Now Buster's body of work "from 1920 to 1929" is represented by selections 18-48 below. An excerpt from Ebert's introduction to the book: "One of my delights in these books ... has been to include movies not often cited as 'great' ... We go to different movies for different reasons, and greatness comes in many forms."
  16. Ebert's Original 100 Great Movies's icon

    Ebert's Original 100 Great Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 25:0. Below is a subset of Roger Ebert's list of great films containing only those in his book "The Great Movies", published in 2002. The Apu Trilogy, Decalogue, and Up Documentaries are all broken out separately, hence more than 100 listings. An excerpt from Ebert's introduction to the book: "They are not 'the' 100 greatest films of all time, because all lists of great movies are a foolish attempt to codify works which must stand alone. But it's fair to say: If you want to make a tour of the landmarks of the first century of cinema, start here."
  17. Jean-Luc Godard's Top Ten Lists 1956-1965's icon

    Jean-Luc Godard's Top Ten Lists 1956-1965

    Favs/dislikes: 39:0. Each year's top 10 lists between 1956-1965 that been published in Cahiers du Cinema when Godard worked there as a movie critic, plus "Ten Best American Sound Films" and "Six Best French Films since the Liberation" lists. In 1962, Godard included his own film "Vivre sa Vie", the only movie by Godard in this list, in his top ten list as number six.
  18. Reelviews Top 100's icon

    Reelviews Top 100

    Favs/dislikes: 1:0. A list of films which noted online film critic James Berardinelli calls the best ever made.
  19. Ebert's Great Movies III's icon

    Ebert's Great Movies III

    Favs/dislikes: 14:0. Below is a subset of Roger Ebert's list of great films containing only those in his book "The Great Movies III", published in 2010. An excerpt from Ebert's introduction to the book: "I believe great movies are a civilizing force. They allow us to empathize with those whose lives are different than our own. I like to say they open windows in our box of space and time. Here's a third book filled with windows."
  20. Jonathan Rosenbaum's 100 Favorite Films's icon

    Jonathan Rosenbaum's 100 Favorite Films

    Favs/dislikes: 53:0. The 100 favorite films of film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum. All of these appear on his extended top 1000, but for those looking for a more manageable list of his biggest recommendations, here it is.
  21. Jonathan Rosenbaum's List-o-Mania Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love American Movies's icon

    Jonathan Rosenbaum's List-o-Mania Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love American Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 64:0. Critic Jonathan Rosenbaum provides an alternative list to the AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies list.
  22. TimeOut's 100 Best Thriller Films of All Time's icon

    TimeOut's 100 Best Thriller Films of All Time

    Favs/dislikes: 3:0. Alfred Hitchcock perfected the thriller movie with a string of classics that remain unmatched. But from today’s perspective, there’s more to them than ice blondes and wrong-men scenarios. Every decade gets the thrillers it deserves, from post-World War II film noir and Nixon-era conspiracies to even the tawdry (but loveable) ’80s erotic thrillers. We had a hard time choosing our favourites, but after much interrogation under a naked light bulb, we did it. List created in June 2018
  23. Classics of the Foreign Film, A Pictorial Treasury by Parker Tyler's icon

    Classics of the Foreign Film, A Pictorial Treasury by Parker Tyler

    Favs/dislikes: 2:0. From a book published in 1962 titled Classics of the Foreign Film, A Pictorial Treasury by Parker Tyler "Out of thousands of films from abroad from "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" to the present, one of the nation's leading film authorities selects seventy-five he considers the greatest. With a perceptive commentary and hundreds of carefully selected photographs." 77 films are listed because the author included Olympia and Ivan the Terrible as single entries.
  24. João Bénard da Costa's "The Films of my Life"'s icon

    João Bénard da Costa's "The Films of my Life"

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. This list is a compilation of the 2 volumes João Bénard da Costa penned under the name "Os Filmes da Minha Vida", here translated to "The Films of my Life". The first volume is comprised of 52 chronicles, 26 regarding his life and 26 regarding the movies. There is also a preface and a postface, which bring the total to 54. They both act as "bridges" between the two pars of the book, and since the first one revolves around Hitchcock's "Spellbound", that movie was also included on the list. The chronicles for these movies were published in "O Independente" between 27/05/1988 and 23/06/1989. The second volume is comprised of 50 chronicles on the films of his life, plus a preface and a postface. The first five films are those which Bénard da Costa calls "the most beautiful of films", an expression he lifts from Godard's "Berganorama", published on the 85th number of the Cahiers du Cinéma. Those films are the ones Godard mentions in the article ("Tabu", "Viaggio in Italia", "La Carozza d'Oro" and "Sommarlek") plus one: "Vivre sa Vie", by Godard himself. Afterwards, he chooses five films to represent each decade between the 1910s and the 1990s. The chronicles for these movies were published in "O Independente" between 26/01/1996 and 23/05/1997.
  25. The Most Influental Films Ever Made's icon

    The Most Influental Films Ever Made

    Favs/dislikes: 6:0. These were listed by Total Film magazine as the most influential movies ever made in their May 2009 Issue. It covers a broad range of landmark movies from every decade and from every genre.
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