Charts: Lists

This page shows you the list charts. By default, the movies are ordered by how many times they have been marked as a favorite. However, you can also sort by other information, such as the total number of times it has been marked as a dislike.


  1. Movies used in The Writer's Journey's icon

    Movies used in The Writer's Journey

    Favs/dislikes: 9:0. All movies mentioned in the book "The Writer's Journey" by Christopher Vogler about story structure and writing based on mythology and folktales.
  2. Cinema trips 2013's icon

    Cinema trips 2013

    Favs/dislikes: 1:2. All the films I went to the cinema to see in 2013.
  3. Thrillers I like's icon

    Thrillers I like

    Favs/dislikes: 0:3.
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