100 All-Time Best Movies for History Buffs

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History isn’t marked by years, but events. Being a history buff means looking at the way major ideas or happenings played out and how they had an effect on everything from politics to the economy.
War, invention, discovery, love: the history of the world has been shaped by the way we deal with these things. The movies on this list are great ways to take a closer look at the moments that changed history.

NOTE: The list is constructed out of seven minor lists, as noted below:
#01 - 13: Ancient History
#14 - 29: Medieval Times
#30 - 46: Exploration & Colonization
#47 - 53: The American Revolution
#54 - 68: The American Civil War
#69 - 81: World War II
#82 - 100: The 20th Century

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