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Finally, I got my bronze award! :)
What a great journey into the origins of cinema!

4 years 3 months ago
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Some kind of masochist, or perhaps someone who just enjoys different things than you.

I haven't seen most of the films on the list, but the Lubitsch films, "Les Vampires," "J'accuse," and even some of the Griffith films are genuinely great films and still enormously entertaining.

As for your ears bleeding - a lot of these films have random scores written decades after the fact, so you aren't really obligated to listen to the music. You could always mute the TV and watch it in silence or put on an instrumental album that you do like.
4 years 6 months ago
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Why does no one have 50 checks? Is this one of those stupid trick lists like 'Oscar nominees' that can't be completed because it contains films that don't actually exist.

4 years 1 month ago
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@Jook: All these IMDb lists only contain "feature length films", meaning films that are at least 40 minutes long. The exception is (obviously) IMDb's list of short films.
4 years 2 months ago
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Jumping Elephant

@verdikt: most of them are in public domain. try the internet archives or google video.
4 years 5 months ago
Local Hero -- aka MestnyiGeroi's avatar

Local Hero -- aka MestnyiGeroi

I hope everyone understands that now. Anyone who likes or finds interesting anything that kunggi doesn't know much about or didn't like immediately is now officially crazy and/or stupid.
4 years 5 months ago
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I am not the type who complains about lists but it's suprising that Cabiria (1914) is missing
4 years 10 months ago
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Les vampires needs a boost. It's about to disappear and it's arguably the best film on the list.
5 years 8 months ago
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How are the films on this list chosen, and why are so few non-American films included?

All thought there are many good ones, it seems to me many European films of higher quality are missing.
2 months 4 weeks ago
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Movies from the 1910s have low ratings. These are the highest rated 50, yet everything from #15 (Birth of a Nation) on down has a sub-average score.

No wonder no one cares about this list.
4 years 1 month ago
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I feel nothing but shame, I've seen 1 on this list. I must rectify this at once.
4 years 4 months ago
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Where do you even find these movies?
4 years 5 months ago
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Why do I have a feeling that people are checking The Little Princess, but they do not realize it's not the right version they meant to check.
4 years 8 months ago
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Frankenstein is not feature length.
4 years 9 months ago
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Elvis Tarantino

Isn't it about time we tossed Edison's Frankenstein up there?
4 years 9 months ago

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