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  1. The 250 Best Science Fiction Movies of All Time's icon

    The 250 Best Science Fiction Movies of All Time

    Favs/dislikes: 13:0. A list of the science fiction movies I appreciate the most. Obscure or polarizing features get the same attention as cinema classics, and tones are mixed, with upbeat movies sharing space with those that have a darker tone. Similarly, there's an equal representation of stories that are mainly emotionally engaging and those more intellectually stimulating. Here are my guidelines, which you can skip, unless you feel I have some explaining to do.... Those ranked from 1-50, I've rated 10 or 9 (I believe in generosity!). My rating of most of the other movies here tends to be 8, though around 50 entries at the bottom have a lower rating, though none lower than 6. Also, only 1-100 are carefully arranged according to how highly I hold them. After that, titles appear in a rough ranking order. The list contains no animated or non-English movies, as I've seen too few of those to give them a fair inclusion. Nor does it include comedies or titles which arguably belong to other genres, such as fantasy, horror or superhero movies. To give prominence to diversity, the list only includes the best installment of each franchise, representing the series as a whole, and to give more room to original ideas, only unique remakes and reboot films qualify. American Film Institute (AFI) defines science fiction as “a genre that marries a scientific or technological premise with imaginative speculation.” I'd like to add that the genre deals with hypothetical yet scientifically possible events that humanity so far hasn’t experienced, for example the event shown in Gravity, or technology used in ways that yet hasn't happened, such as in The Martian. Also, the definition requires that a scientific explanation is presented for what takes place within the frame of a story. Hence, stories dealing with magic or other supernatural elements can be ruled out.
  2. 150 Recommended Non-English Movies's icon

    150 Recommended Non-English Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 6:0. As I've so much left to see when it comes to movies in other languages than English, I refrain from declaring these the best out there. Which is why I call this a list of recommended movies. They are, however, the best non-English movies I've seen so far. And I'm happy to say that A Moment to Remember (2004) moved me like no other movie has, and it's one of the movies closest to my heart.
  3. The 50 Best Movies with Kick-Ass Women's icon

    The 50 Best Movies with Kick-Ass Women

    Favs/dislikes: 6:0. Kick-ass women, not girls, rule my world, I said they rule my world.
  4. The 50 Best Fantasy Movies of All Time's icon

    The 50 Best Fantasy Movies of All Time

    Favs/dislikes: 5:0. High fantasy movies, whose stories take place, wholly or mainly, in an imaginary world, are listed first, while movies that have fantasy elements yet takes place in the real world appear farther down on the list. Whereas both fantasy and science fiction evoke a sense of wonder, fantasy narratives tend to more closely follow the pattern which Joseph Campbell described as the hero's journey. Yet movies with this central narrative thread often also have many other plot elements woven into the yarn, making the stories to a varying degree thrillingly unpredictable. Special consideration has been given to old films that have had a lasting impact on film history. Films part of a series are ranked collectively to give more room to stand-alone films, and each series is judged by its best installment. These are my recommendations! Feel free to tell me yours!
  5. The 50 Best Twist Endings of All Time's icon

    The 50 Best Twist Endings of All Time

    Favs/dislikes: 5:0. People have always enjoyed stories whose plots develop in thought-provoking unexpected ways. One type of story that plays a significant trick on the mind is the one that takes such a surprising turn as it ends that you reassess the story up until that point. Perhaps more than what is the case of a story read in a book, a film with a great twist ending changes your perspective and can elicit new feelings when watched again. Indeed, films with a surprising ending invite repeated viewings, letting you see the story play out in a new way in light of the secret revealed in the last act.
  6. The 250 Best Drama Movies of All Time's icon

    The 250 Best Drama Movies of All Time

    Favs/dislikes: 4:0. A list mainly of movies whose central focus is drama, though some movies here have elements of suspense or humor as well, such as thrillers, action movies and comedy-dramas. To give prominence to a diverse variety of styles and more room to a greater number of directors, only one movie per series will appear here. The installment selected is the one I hold the highest, representing the series as a whole. So you'll only find one Godfather movie here, for example. The choice of which I rank highest changes with time. Also, there are many lauded films I've yet to see and new releases mean new entries, so the list will be revised regularly. The list will however consistently reveal my fondness for adventure movies and film noir. It's also telling that non-English speaking movies are excluded, reflecting the important role English-language movies have played in film history. Out of the acclaimed non-English speaking movies I've seen, I'd place many near the top, but to add them and leave out classics I haven't seen would be to make an incomplete list. As it is, this list focuses on the movies in English that struck a chord with me. Feel free to recommend new titles!
  7. The 50 Best Amusement Ride Movies's icon

    The 50 Best Amusement Ride Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 4:0. These rollicking romps, full of tongue-in-cheek and twinkle-in-eye playfulness, give us wild rides that put big, goofy smiles on our faces. Here you'll find movies that are as lighthearted as they are light in tone, celebrating giddy amusement and funloving entertainment above all. Enjoy your popcorn and cotton candy!
  8. The 50 Best Animated Films of All Time's icon

    The 50 Best Animated Films of All Time

    Favs/dislikes: 4:0. To me, the best animated movies breathe life into dreams too wild for live action movies to adequately capture. Though I have seen only a small portion of the the wide selection of animated movies, these are the ones I enjoyed the most.
  9. The 50 Best Adventure Movies's icon

    The 50 Best Adventure Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 3:0. Adventure movies tell stories based on fantastical features of our world, setting them apart from the fantastical setting of the future worlds of science fiction, the mythical realms of fantasy, or the alien otherworlds of horror. If an adventure movie contains elements of another genre, like the supernatural event in Raiders, these are merely lightly sprinkled spices, while adventure is the main ingredient. This rule of thumb means that movies depicting another world are excluded, whether it is sci-fi technology or fantasy-inspired magic that are the genre-specific component of that world. Though all movies included here have adventure as their main focus, driven by lust for exploring and appetite for discovering, they have wildly different tones. Some have comedy as their lodestar with entertainment as their guiding light and are dazzling light in tone. Others' staple element is drama, often hotly spiced with thrilling action. Yet they all share a central emotion: the exhilaration of a perilous journey taking heroes to unexpected awe-inspiring places. The journey might begin as a venture to fulfil a daring dream, or a search for a mysterious object in exotic parts of the world. It might end with a breathless chase and a wild escape through the unknown. A recurring theme is that of the adventurers altruism, their selfless heroic sacrifice at the end of their hero's journey. These adventure movies that I've loved aren't ranked according to the score I've given them. Instead, you'll find that those placed at the top are the ones that have a bigger emphasis on adventure and entertainment.
  10. The 20 Best Science Fiction TV Series's icon

    The 20 Best Science Fiction TV Series

    Favs/dislikes: 2:0. I love to obsess over a show's mysteries and the theories sparked by them that elevate the viewing experience. Lost was the show that launched a thousand theories. At its best, Lost was magical like nothing before or since. And I've never heard anything as moving as Michael Giacchino's deathless score for Lost. Whether a mystery box or a Pandora's box, Lost began with an openness to potential scientific explanations. But as it closed the door to science fiction and opened the window to its own magical rules of fantasy, we got a philosophical allegory about what the island symbolized, leaving much of it open to interpretation. Lost showed that love is the biggest mystery of all, an act in which we create something together. And all we need in order to create is our unfettered imagination, the unpredictability of inspiration and the evolved conscious choice between futures that can't be foreseen until we imagine them. While the island in Lord of the Flies stands for the corrupted material world, the island in Lost symbolizes the spiritual world where atonement and redemption is possible. With a beginning hinting that all that happens means something, a middle asking if meaning is an illusion, the end tells us that love is our constant whose meaning we can't fathom. As for why The OA without doubt is the best series right now, here's a quote from Part I: "It's about . . . the play, cast of two, setting, classroom, over many dimensions through time. . . . This dimension is crumbling to violence and pettiness and greed." And in Part II, Karim is the dopest cat ever, especially when he says, "Get off my boat." Followed by OA saying, "I'm asking you to imagine that reality is stranger and more complicated than you or I could possibly know. And sometimes we get glimpses of it, in dreams or in déjà vu." I'm happy to say that Part II of The OA blew me away, its ending one of the best I've ever had the joy to see, to me as fine as that of Planet of the Apes, Coherence, Interstellar and Dark City. Though stumbling at times up to the grand last scenes of its acrobatic storytelling, it's the most riveting story of this dimension. I've never been part of a more passionate love for a series than what I've felt and seen expressed for this story. A story that is revolutionary in how it offers adventure and fight for survival without resorting to violence, showing us that our lunacy of war was who we were before our species matured, not who we are. (Honorable mentions: The Expanse, Star Trek: Discovery, Black Mirror, Extant, Regenesis, Colony, Fringe, Revolution, Ascension, Falling Skies, Killjoys, Dark Matter, Lost in Space.)
  11. Documentaries Broadening Horizons's icon

    Documentaries Broadening Horizons

    Favs/dislikes: 1:0. These amazing documentaries opened me up to new perspectives and broader horizons, allowing worlds I've never known to be experienced with an open heart and the world I thought I knew to be seen with new eyes.
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