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  1. Film Noir Guide - 745 Films of the Classic Era (1940-1959)'s icon

    Film Noir Guide - 745 Films of the Classic Era (1940-1959)

    Favs/dislikes: 59:1. "More than 700 films from the classic period of film noir (1940 to 1959) are presented in this exhaustive reference book. For each film, the following information is provided: the title, release date, main performers, screenwriter(s), director(s), type of noir, thematic content, a rating based on the five-star system, and a plot synopsis that does not reveal the ending." Keaney's ratings: #1-27: ★★★★★ #28-51: ★★★★½ #52-159: ★★★★ #160-255: ★★★½ #256-404: ★★★ #405-550: ★★½ #551-659: ★★ #660-727: ★½ #728-745: ★ Michael F. Keaney is a fan of classic movies and the author of "British Film Noir Guide". ISBN: 978-0-7864-6366-4
  2. British Film Noir Guide (369 Films 1937-1964)'s icon

    British Film Noir Guide (369 Films 1937-1964)

    Favs/dislikes: 38:0. "This work presents 369 British films produced between 1937 and 1964 that embody many of the same filmic qualities as those "black films" made in the United States during the classic film noir era. This reference work makes a case for the inclusion of the British films in the film noir canon, which is still considered by some to be an exclusively American inventory. The following information is presented: a quotation from the film; title and release date; a one- to five-star rating; production company, director, cinematographer, screenwriter, and main performers; and a plot synopsis with commentary. Appendices categorize films by rating, release date, director and cinematographer and also provide a noir and non-noir breakdown of the 47 films presented on the Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre, a 1960 British television series." NOTE: I created this list in May 2012 and had to add well over 75 titles to iCM, suggesting that there are many obscurities worth checking out. Keaney included 26 of the 47 Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre "films" into this work that he considered to be film noirs or at the very least marginal noirs. The remaining 21 "films" were not included. Keaney's ratings: #1-4: ★★★★★ #5-15: ★★★★½ #16-42: ★★★★ #43-85: ★★★½ #86-150: ★★★ #151-234: ★★½ #235-312: ★★ #313-339: ★½ #340-341: ★ #342-369: "Not reviewed" (since they were not available at the time of writing). Michael F. Keaney is a fan of classic movies and the author of "Film Noir Guide". ISBN: 978-0-7864-6427-2
  3. Taschen's Movies of the 30's's icon

    Taschen's Movies of the 30's

    Favs/dislikes: 38:0. "This guide presents our selection of the best movies from the years 1931 to 1940, covering a wide range of genres, budgets, and cultures, and revealing details from behind the scenes. Packed full of photos and film stills, this opulent factbook pays homage to cinema around the world." Taschen is a famous art book publisher and its movie books are terrific.
  4. 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die (2015)'s icon

    1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die (2015)

    Favs/dislikes: 32:2. This is the 1st edition (October 2015) and the latest addition to the bestselling and highly acclaimed 1001-series. "From "Leave it to Beaver" to "Breaking Bad", "The Honeymooners" to "Homeland", this compilation of important and groundbreaking television shows is packed full of trivia and will be sure to make you want to pick up the remote or start streaming. Selected by an international team of experts and covering a worldwide spectrum of programs from the classics of the 1950s to the cutting-edge shows of today, 1001 TV Series is one of the most comprehensive books ever published on the topic of television." This volume is virtually impossible to finish (as you have to watch every single episode of every single entry). Not to mention many of the shows are still running this very day. If the authors instead chose to focus only on TV-series/TV-Mini-series/TV-movies you might have had a chance, but unfortunately, TV shows - including Game shows, Reality and Talk shows - are also included. NOTE: the book contains some TV-movies or stand-alone episodes from TV-series, but the vast majority of the entries are either TV-series, TV-Mini-series or TV shows. The genres are: Action/Adventure: 43 Animation: 13 Awards show: 3 Biography: 1 Comedy: 246 Comedy/Drama: 31 Crime: 1 Crime/Mystery: 101 Documentary: 18 Drama: 226 Fantasy/Horror/Sci-Fi: 107 Game show: 26 Historical drama: 60 Music/Musical: 13 Reality: 31 Soap opera: 28 Sports: 2 Talk Show: 16 Variety: 22 Western: 13 = 1001 TV-series/shows/movies that, according to the introduction by Robb Pearlman, "could not be included" (it is never argued why): The Winds of War (1983) Lonesome Dove (1989) Requiem for a Heavyweight (1962) [???????] Sybil (1976) Gia (1998) Trilogy of Terror (1975) Duel (1971) V (1983) Recount (2008) Game Change (2012) An Early Frost (1984) And the Band Played On (1993) Brian's Song (1971) Mildred Pierce (2011) Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows (2001). Some entries that most likely will cause some problems in terms of checking them are the Awards shows: Academy Awards (#17), Golden Globe Awards (#50), MTV Video Music Awards (#365) as well as "Eurovision Song Contest" (#32). Instead of adding every single annual event for these shows, I decided to add only the earliest entry I could locate on IMDb (as if you care about those shows and/or will finish this list anyway). NOTE: "1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die" and "1001 TV Shows You Must Watch Before You DIe" have identical entires (1948-2015) - as well as the same page total (960) - although they're two different books. Generally speaking, the only differences between the two books are: - the introduciton is longer in "Shows" (an introduction by Robb Pearlman) whereas "Series" have a much shorter introduction and instead have an additional index (Index by Genre). The "Index by Genre" is not featured in "Shows". - "Shows" is in hardcover whereas "Series" is in paperback. - The front and back cover are different. If you spot any errors (or if any of the abovementioned series/shows I've listed earlier has been added to IMDb), or if you have any questions about the entries or the list as a whole, please don't hesitate to PM me.
  5. Jacques Rivette Filmography's icon

    Jacques Rivette Filmography

    Favs/dislikes: 30:0. All films directed by the neglected French master filmmaker Jacques Rivette.
  6. Film Noir - TASCHEN's icon

    Film Noir - TASCHEN

    Favs/dislikes: 29:0. Contains all films that have at least one still included in TASCHEN's recently re-released "Film Noir". ISBN: 978-3-8365-3462-8
  7. Horror Cinema - TASCHEN's icon

    Horror Cinema - TASCHEN

    Favs/dislikes: 29:0. Contains all films that have at least one still included in TASCHEN's recently re-released "Horror Cinema". ISBN: 978-3-8365-3457-4
  8. Avant-Garde Film - Motion Studies's icon

    Avant-Garde Film - Motion Studies

    Favs/dislikes: 21:0. In this book, Scott MacDonald examines 15 of the most suggestive and useful avant-garde films. Through in-depth readings of these works, MacDonald takes viewers on a critical circumnavigation of the conventions of moviegoing as seen by filmmakers who have rebelled against the conventions. MacDonald's discussions do not merely analyze the films; they provide a useful, accessible, jargon-free critical apparatus for viewing avant-garde film, which communicates the author's pleasure in exploring "impenetrable" works with students and public audiences. The book is divided into three sections ("From Stern to Film", "Psychic Excursions" and "Premonitions of a Global Cinema") with five films in each section. ISBN: 978-0-521-38821-4
  9. The Art of Noir - Eddie Muller's icon

    The Art of Noir - Eddie Muller

    Favs/dislikes: 21:1. All the posters in Muller's book. ISBN: 1-58567-073-1
  10. Leonard Maltin's Must-See Movies 2011 - 365 reviews and recommendations's icon

    Leonard Maltin's Must-See Movies 2011 - 365 reviews and recommendations

    Favs/dislikes: 15:1. "Leonard Maltin's Must See Movies 2011 features a full year's worth of great films, each and every one of which Leonard Maltin would personally recommend to anyone. From classics to indies, slapstick comedies to documentaries, family films to edgier fare - no genre is unexplored. Cast and director information accompanies Mr. Maltin's incisive and witty capsule reviews, and every film is available on DVD. Coming from the worlds of Hollywood, independent cinema, and abroad, these 365 films promise inspiration and entertainment for the year ahead, making them truly must-see movies."
  11. Michael Snow Filmography's icon

    Michael Snow Filmography

    Favs/dislikes: 14:0. All films directed by experimental filmmaker Michael Snow + "Hapax Legomena I: Nostalgia" in which Snow is the narrator.
  12. The Big Screen - The Story of the Movies (2012) - David Thomson's icon

    The Big Screen - The Story of the Movies (2012) - David Thomson

    Favs/dislikes: 14:0. All films mentioned in Thomson's book. + "Band of Brothers", "Berlin Alexanderplatz", "Boardwalk Empire", "Brideshead Revisited", "Deadwood", "Dexter", "Downtown Abbey", "I Love Lucy", "John Adams", "Mad Men", "Mission: Impossible", "Monty Python's Flying Circus", "Perry Mason", "Rawhide", "Sex and the City", "Six Feet Under", "The Sopranos", "Starsky and Hutch", "Star Trek", "True Blood", "24", "Twin Peaks", "The Wire", "The World at War" and "You Bet Your Life" among other TV-(mini)series. Also included are "Cathy Come Home" and "The Century of the Self". ISBN: 978-0-374-53413-4
  13. Apu's Essential Films (March 18th, 2014)'s icon

    Apu's Essential Films (March 18th, 2014)

    Favs/dislikes: 13:0. I added this list after I had watched my 5000th feature film, [url=] House of Games (1987)[/url] The idea behind it was that if I only had the opportunity to pick 10% of all the feature films I've seen in my life (i.e. 500 films) and put them all together into a personal canon, this would be the end result. Broadly speaking, these are the 500 films I'd want to have with me on a desert island. The criterion I've used for the inclusion of films are, for a lack of a better world, personal. For example, I haven't factored in any sense of historical importance a film might or might not have. These 500 films are not necessarily the best films I've seen (although it should be very close to it) but the films that fascinate me the most, the films I find most aesthetically pleasing, films that are important to me nostalgically, and films I basically could re-watch at any given time. In my opinion, all films included in this list possess a certain re-watch-value that films not included might lack. Omissions, of course, are inevitable. I've made an effort to be exhaustive, and if, for instance, none or only a few films from a certain director/wave/movement/period/genre made it into this list, it's because I don't value it as much as others. Omissions also apply to many of the films I've seen that, for some reason or another, didn't make it, as well as all (acclaimed) films I haven't yet caught up with. However, it may also be that if a certain film is absent, it's absent because I don't value it as much as those I've included. Riefenstahl's Olympia (1938) is divided into two parts, hence why there are 501 entries instead of 500. See also my [url=]Essential Short Film list[/url].
  14. Århundradets 100 bästa filmer - Expressen's icon

    Århundradets 100 bästa filmer - Expressen

    Favs/dislikes: 13:0. The 100 best films of the 20th century according to the Swedish evening tabloid newspaper Expressen
  15. Jean Eustache Filmography's icon

    Jean Eustache Filmography

    Favs/dislikes: 13:0. All films directed by French filmmaker Jean Eustache (excluding the segment he directed for the TV Movie "Contes modernes: A propos du travail" (1982) and including "Der amerikanische Freund" in which he had a small acting role). Trivia: In 1981, Eustache was partially immobilized in an auto accident. Later that year he killed himself in his Paris apartment, four weeks before his 43rd birthday.
  16. The 50 Grossest Movie Moments - Total Film (March 1999 issue)'s icon

    The 50 Grossest Movie Moments - Total Film (March 1999 issue)

    Favs/dislikes: 13:0. The 50 Grossest Movie Moments according to the British film magazine Total Film.
  17. Swedish Sensationsfilms (2011)'s icon

    Swedish Sensationsfilms (2011)

    Favs/dislikes: 11:0. "A Clandestine History of Sex, Thrillers, and Kicker Cinema". Author: Daniel Ekeroth. This volume is an updated and expanded version of a previous book which you can also find on icheckmovies: "Svensk sensationsfilm". In total, this new version features an additional 41 films. #1-161: Films featured in "Svensk sensationsfilm" (The original book in Swedish from 2003). #162-201: Titles that weren't included in the aforementioned book but are presented here. #202-206: Recently added movies (all of which are featured in both books). + "Fränder" (1985) Special thanks to iopop for providing the original list.
  18. FILM NOIR - From Berlin to Sin City (Mark Bould)'s icon

    FILM NOIR - From Berlin to Sin City (Mark Bould)

    Favs/dislikes: 10:0. Complete filmography. + "Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne" (video game).
  19. Leonard Maltin's BOMBs's icon

    Leonard Maltin's BOMBs

    Favs/dislikes: 10:0. The films that the American film critic and historian Leonard Maltin considers to be BOMBs - The Worst Movies of All Time. #1-167: BOMBs featured in Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide (3rd Edition, 2015). #168-959: BOMBs post-1965 in Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide 2010. #960-1143: BOMBs featured in Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide 2000; i.e. these entries are not included in Maltin's 2010 Movie Guide. #1144-1187: BOMBs featured in Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide 2014 and/or 2015. Notice any missing BOMBs? Please don't hesitate to PM or leave a comment!
  20. Ritwik Ghatak Filmography's icon

    Ritwik Ghatak Filmography

    Favs/dislikes: 10:0. All films directed by Bengali director Ritwik Ghatak.
  21. When Animals Attack: The 70 Best Horror Movies with Killer Animals's icon

    When Animals Attack: The 70 Best Horror Movies with Killer Animals

    Favs/dislikes: 10:0. "The definitive horror movie guide for fans of killer animals and “revenge of nature” films. When Animals Attack: The 70 Best Horror Movies with Killer Animals provides a fascinating and entertaining insight into the cinematographic world of animals on the rampage. From well-known predators such as sharks and lions to unusual killing machines like turkeys, elephants, frogs, cats, and rabbits, there is no shortage of the species on display in this book. Leading horror writers and filmmakers present their favorite “animals attack” films through in-depth essays. Some of the films are touching, some are repulsive, and some are just plain silly. Not all of these horror movies line up with the critical consensus, yet they have one thing in common: they have made the heart of the writer beat faster with excitement."
  22. Rating the Movies (1990) - 4 star movies's icon

    Rating the Movies (1990) - 4 star movies

    Favs/dislikes: 9:0. "Lost in a maze of movies and can't decide which to watch? Whatever you look for in a movie - action-packed adventure, spine-tingling suspense, sophisticated romance, realistic drama, side-splitting comedy, a look at life in another land or era - Rating the Movies will help you choose the very best. This reliable source of information summarizes and rates over 3900 films [actually it doesn't; there are 3895 entries in total]. Each review includes key information on leading performers, directors, running time, year of release, videotape and Closed-Captioned availability, MPAA rating, and Academy Awards and nominations. Rating the Movies is updated, to include the very latest important films - Dick Tracy, Total Recall, Driving Miss Daisy, Born on the Fourth of July, Back to the Future Part III, Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Pretty Woman, and many more. Of course, all the great classics that made movie history are here too, including such colorful swashbucklers as The Adventures of Robin Hood and such sweeping epics as Gone With the Wind. Rating the Movies is the indispensable guide that belongs on every movie lover's bookshelf." 439 films receive ★★★★ 207 films receive ★★★½ 1429 films receive ★★★ 385 films receive ★★½ 1096 films receive ★★ 112 films receive ★½ 209 films receive ★ 18 films receive No Stars ISBN: 0881764043
  23. The Rough Guide to Classic Novels (All Screen Adaptations)'s icon

    The Rough Guide to Classic Novels (All Screen Adaptations)

    Favs/dislikes: 9:0. All screen adaptations.
  24. Arne Mattsson Filmography's icon

    Arne Mattsson Filmography

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0.
  25. More Noir(ish) Films from TSPDT's icon

    More Noir(ish) Films from TSPDT

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. "The 842 noir(ish) films listed below contain varying amounts of film noir elements. Most have solid noir traits, but, it must be said, there are some that have very questionably been cited as noirs. However, I'm not playing the noir juror here. I haven't strayed from the numbers and therefore have made no exclusions. As per the 1,000 Noir Films, the noir(ish) films listed below are based on the number of noir-related citations* they have received (based on TSPDT's research). All films in the 1,000 Noir Films received a minimum of eleven noir-related citations. The films below received between five and ten noir-related citations. *Citations were culled from a multitude of sources (from books and the internet), including many (if not all) of the most well-known film noir-related publications. These include John Grant's A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir, Film Noir: The Encyclopedia by Alain Silver, Elizabeth Ward, James Ursini & Robert Portforio, The Worldwide Film Noir Tradition by Spencer Selby, More Than Night: Film Noir in its Contexts by James Naremore, and many, many more." List revealed September 29, 2023
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