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  1. BIllboard 100 greatest Music Video Artists of All Time's icon

    BIllboard 100 greatest Music Video Artists of All Time

    Favs/dislikes: 4:0. t's been nearly four decades since our best and brightest stars first made the jump from our stereos to our televisions, changing the course of popular music in the process. In the course of that time, music videos have come to define what we love and remember about our favorite artists as much as anything short of the music itself -- creating icons, reinventing careers, sparking imaginations and inspiring untold millions of Halloween costumes worldwide. On the verge of this Sunday's (Aug. 30) MTV Video Music Awards -- the one time a year where we're still guaranteed to celebrate one of media's most influential-but-under-recognized artforms -- Billboard wanted to take a look back at the artists who have given the most to the music video, whether through heavy rotation on MTV, millions of views on YouTube, or other mediums that predate both. Here is our list of the 100 artists who have made the music video eternal, with a YouTube playlist of videos from all the artists available at the end.
  2. Greatest Courtroom Dramas's icon

    Greatest Courtroom Dramas

    Favs/dislikes: 3:1. One of the best subject areas for dramatic films (or sometimes crime films) are suspenseful, law-related courtroom dramas, which include trials that pit lawyers against each other, and set up a tense one-on-one conflict between a prosecutor and a defendant. Sometimes, the protagonists are a "little" guy (an individual) against a "big" guy (or corporation), or the more abstract "good" vs. "evil," or they often involve wider issues, such as race, sex, capital punishment (life and death), and morality. It has to be said that not all legal (courtroom) dramas include a court of law sequence (although they are fairly mandatory), while still full of legal jargon and proceedings. And of course, courtroom dramas usually contain some of the most fascinating thematic elements in film -- murder, betrayal, deception, perjury and sex, often presented with powerful monologues or speeches, thrilling scenes of the pursuit of evidence or suspects, or climactic cross-examinations. They also may feature unexpected twists and surprise testimony, unusual motives, moral dilemmas, crusading lawyers and wrongly-accused victims. AFI defined the courtroom drama as: "A genre of film in which a system of justice plays a critical role in the film's narrative." Many courtroom film dramas are based on historical events, such as the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial (in Inherit the Wind (1960)), the war crimes tribunal (in Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)), and Sir Thomas More's defense against treason (in A Man For All Seasons (1966)). However, for reasons of length, many non-fiction courtroom dramas are often shortened or compressed, and details are sometimes glossed over or changed. The 'golden age' of feature film courtroom dramas lasted through the 1990s, but then a shift occurred with the rise and prominence of legal-courtroom-related TV shows, including Law & Order (1990-2010) and its spin-offs, Ally McBeal (1997-2002), The Practice (1997-2004), and other police procedurals (the NCIS franchise (2003- ) and JAG (1995-2005)). Most people fondly and nostalgically remember the earliest popular legal dramas on TV, such as Perry Mason (1957-1966) and Dragnet (1951-1959) and their many derivatives.
  3. Nielsen's Film Awards Official Selections's icon

    Nielsen's Film Awards Official Selections

    Favs/dislikes: 3:0. The Nielsen Film Academy selects the winner of the Nils from a list of 10 films. Each film is picked by the Nielsen Awards only member: Eirik Nielsen. These films represent the 10 films released in the calendar year that create the most enjoyment within the heart of the members of the Nielsen Academy.
  4. 25 Greatest Legal Movies Plus 25 Honorable Mentions's icon

    25 Greatest Legal Movies Plus 25 Honorable Mentions

    Favs/dislikes: 2:0. What would Hollywood do without lawyers? In a town built on copyrights and cosmetic surgery, lawyers have done far more than pen the small print in studio contracts or post bail for hollow-eyed stars on the way to and from rehab. From the incisive Henry Drummond and the droll Mr. Lincoln to the callow Danny Kaffee and the regal Atticus Finch, lawyers have provided some of Hollywood’s most memorable cinematic heroes and some of its most honorable and thoughtful films. Earlier this year, the ABA Journal asked 12 prominent lawyers who teach film or are con­nected to the business to choose what they regard as the best movies ever made about lawyers and the law. We’ve collated their various nominees to produce our jury’s top picks. Together these films represent 31 Oscar wins and another 85 nominations as befits the best work of some of the greatest actors, writers and directors of their time. So quiet, please. A rap of the gavel, a pull of the curtain, and ‘Hear ye! Hear ye!’ for the 25 greatest law films ever made. Plus 25 honorable Mentions
  5. African Movie Academy Award - Best Film's icon

    African Movie Academy Award - Best Film

    Favs/dislikes: 1:0. The Africa Movie Academy Awards, popularly known as AMAA and The AMA Awards, are presented annually to recognize excellence among professionals working in, or non-African professionals who have contributed to, the African film industry. It was founded by Peace Anyiam-Osigwe and is run through the Africa Film Academy. The awards are aimed at honouring and promoting excellence in the African movie industry as well as uniting the African continent through arts and culture. The award presentation is attended by numerous media representatives, celebrities, politicians, journalists, actresses and actors from all across the world. The AMA Awards are widely considered to be Africa's most important film event and the most prestigious film award in Africa. The Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Film is an annual merit by the Africa Film Academy to recognize the best African films of the preceding year. It was known as the Best Picture award from 2005 to 2011.
  6. FilmSchoolRejects - The 50 Best Coming of Age Movies 's icon

    FilmSchoolRejects - The 50 Best Coming of Age Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 1:0. Growing up: we all do it. No two people have exactly the same coming-of-age story, yet more often than not, we’re drawn to many the same youth-centered stories on screen, deeming them classics and rewatching them again and again. Young people are rarely given the power to tell their own stories, so a coming-of-age film that captures a specific generation, culture, or subculture feels like a rare and special thing for those who are reflected on screen, especially when the film itself finds a viewer during their most formative phase. A good coming-of-age film can become an emblem of sorts, a touchstone that’s at once deeply personal in its description of a fleeting, emotional era of life, and universal in its appeal to anyone who’s lived through it. The best coming-of-age films mix nostalgic familiarity, impressionistic experiences, and a dollop of brutal honesty that comes with the jarring, often unwelcome understanding of the adult world that accompanies adolescence. That last part is usually handed across time from the more experienced filmmaker to the younger protagonist, a retrospective technique that’s unique to the subgenre and that lends the greatest coming of age stories a sort of prismatic blend of naivety and wisdom. Although the entries on this list span eight decades, you may notice a significant amount of recent movies. Have coming-of-age films gotten better over time? Maybe not, but American films have certainly begun to reflect the diverse realities of the off-screen world more in recent decades than ever before, so it’s no wonder the best new teen stories each feel honest, unique, and timeless. It’s worth noting that we made the editorial decision to leave off any would-be classics that are too new to look at with any distance, meaning that staff-loved 2019 films like Booksmart and Little Women are excluded from the ranking. Read on for our list of the best coming-of-age stories of all time, then join us in being grateful to have made it out the other side of adolescence.
  7. Movie Marathon Films's icon

    Movie Marathon Films

    Favs/dislikes: 1:0. Films watched in the great Nielsen/Frankenstein Marathons of yore
  8. The Kaiju Film Master List's icon

    The Kaiju Film Master List

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. Created by the Kaiju Film Historian. This site was intended as a digital archive and analysis for the history of giant monster movies all over the world. The overarching goal of this website is the preservation and promotion of the Kaiju film genre. We wish to assess both its past, its future and the impacts it’s had throughout the world in a cultural and film context.
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