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  1. 100 Essential Films that Deserve More Attention's icon

    100 Essential Films that Deserve More Attention

    Favs/dislikes: 5:0. We embrace the enchanting glow of the big screen for all manner of reasons; to journey to faraway places we could only ever imagine, to experience the magical escapism of a captivating story, or maybe to indulge in an obsession with the world of cinema. For me, all three of these reasons apply - and many more - but first and foremost is the satisfaction of recommending obscure films to other like-minded individuals who adopt them as their new favourites. With over 100 years worth of films to choose from, and many of these now available at the click of a button, it can be extremely difficult to narrow your choices down to pick a film to watch. Although cinema has been around for over four times longer than my life on this earth, I have spent what some may consider an unhealthy amount of these years delving into the history of films to discover some of the best hidden gems out there. This series of articles aims to highlight the overlooked masterpieces and fascinating curios that I have unearthed whilst exploring the forgotten recesses of cinema. Take a gamble on any one of these films and I guarantee that you will be eagerly awaiting all future instalments in this series. You may well have heard of a number of these films; my aim isn't merely to shine a spotlight on the most obscure films out there, but to share my enjoyment of those films which don't have the cult following I believe they deserve.
  2. Talking Images Podcast: Season One's icon

    Talking Images Podcast: Season One

    Favs/dislikes: 5:0. Talking Images is the Official Podcast of the Unofficial ICheckMovies Forum. This list compiles all of the films we have discussed in depth in Season One of the Talking Images podcast (although many more are mentioned in passing). You can listen to our podcast on: Spotify - Sounder - The episode listing and details of the films discussed are below: Pilot Episode - Nobody Watches The Simpsons, and the New Episodes Are Not Allowed to Be Good Episode 1 - How We Got Into Cinema Episode 2 - Klaus Kinski Played Nosferatu in Two Films and the Second is Pure Trash (Films 1 & 2) Episode 3 - Spanish Horror Films: The Complete History (1962-Present) (Films 3-22) Episode 4 - The All-Time Favourite Film (Films 23-28) Episode 5 - Unwatched Gems or Carefully Avoided Trash Episode 6 - They Spoil Pictures, Don't They: Do Spoilers Actually Hurt Films? (Films 29-36) Episode 7 - Eric Rohmer's Comedies & Proverbs Cycle Part 1 (Films 37-39) Episode 8 - Mainstream Cinema: The Good, the Bad & The Ugly (Films 40-51) Episode 9 - Contemporary Silent Cinema (Films 52-59) Episode 10 - Eric Rohmer's Comedies & Proverbs Cycle Part 2 (Films 60-62) Episode 11 - Please Do Disturb: The Most Disturbing Films We Have Seen (Films 63-82) Episode 12 - The Decline of Film Forums: What Caused it? Episode 13 - The Bizarre Origins of Episode 14 - Film Purism: How Extreme Are You? Episode 15 - Film Addiction Episode 16 - Classic Westerns vs Spaghetti Westerns (Films 83-84) Episode 17 - Best Films of 2019: Our Top 5s (Films 85-105 ) Episode 18 - Rewatches: Broken Hearts, New Lovers and Lying Memories Episode 19 - WTH Happened to Godard in the 70s (Films 106-108) Episode 20 - What Scares Us (Films 109-119) Episode 21 - Quentin Tarantino Unchained: Master or Hack (Films 120-121) Episode 22 - Interview with Mary Guillermin - author of John Guillermin: The Man, the Myth, the Movies (Films 122 - 127) Episode 23: Best and Worst Academy Awards Best Picture Winners (Films 128 - 145) Episode 24: ICMFF2020: Main Slate and Highlights From the Festival (Films 146 - 163) Episode 25: Single Location Films: Gimmick or Testament to the Power of Cinema? (Films 164 - 186) Episode 26: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (Films 187 - 212)
  3. Filmbantha's 2024 Cinephile Challenge's icon

    Filmbantha's 2024 Cinephile Challenge

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0.
  4. Filmbantha's 500<400 nominations 2023's icon

    Filmbantha's 500<400 nominations 2023

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0.
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