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  1. Empire's Top 20 Greatest Gangster Movies You've Never Seen (Probably)'s icon

    Empire's Top 20 Greatest Gangster Movies You've Never Seen (Probably)

    Favs/dislikes: 15:0. A list of obscure underrated gangster films from Empire Magazine.
  2. Film Comment 50 Best Films of 2013's icon

    Film Comment 50 Best Films of 2013

    Favs/dislikes: 12:0. Over 100 North American colleagues [reviewers, directors and curators] ranked their favorites in two categories: 1) those that received theatrical runs and 2) those viewed this year but currently with no announced plans for U.S. theatrical distribution. For each ballot, a first-place choice was allotted 20 points, 19 for second, and so on. This is the list compiled by Film Comment of the highest scoring theatrically released films.
  3. Andrzej Zulawski Filmography's icon

    Andrzej Zulawski Filmography

    Favs/dislikes: 8:0. All the feature films directed by Polish maverick Andrzej Zulawski.
  4. Single Take Movies's icon

    Single Take Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 8:0. This is a list of feature films that were either: 1) Shot in a single take (one continuous shot without cuts). 2) Are made to look like they were. 3) Come really darn close. Leave a comment if you come across one I'm missing.
  5. 5 Minutes 2 Live Top 50 Cult Films's icon

    5 Minutes 2 Live Top 50 Cult Films

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. 50 top cult movies chosen by the now defunct website 5 Minutes 2 Live in response to a somewhat less interesting and more populist list made by Entertainment Weekly.
  6. Cannes Film Festival - Palm Dog's icon

    Cannes Film Festival - Palm Dog

    Favs/dislikes: 5:0. The Palm Dog is a yearly award (started in 2001) given by international film critics at the Cannes Film Festival to the best performance (live action or animated) by a dog or group of dogs.
  7. Film Ireland's 10 Best Irish Films's icon

    Film Ireland's 10 Best Irish Films

    Favs/dislikes: 5:0. To mark Film Ireland's 100th issue in 2002, the magazine conducted a poll among its readers to determine their favourite Irish feature films. The definition of "Irish" was left open, though the films had to have be released before summer 2002, and be more than 60 minutes in duration. There were ties for 4th, 6th and 8th place, hence 13 titles total.
  8. A Film Atlas by Film Walrus Reviews's icon

    A Film Atlas by Film Walrus Reviews

    Favs/dislikes: 4:0. The Film Walrus is a movie review blog with a particular love for foreign, cult, arthouse, gialli, SF and noir. The forgotten, the overlooked and the strange are given their due. The Film Atlas is an ongoing daily series reviewing a favorite film from over 100 countries.
  9. Highest Return on Investment (Gross / Budget)'s icon

    Highest Return on Investment (Gross / Budget)

    Favs/dislikes: 4:0. These are the top 20 most profitable movies based on return on investment. Return on investment has been calculated as half the worldwide gross (the amount that typically goes to the producer) divide by the budget (not including marketing expenses).
  10. Taste of Cinema's 20 Essential African Films's icon

    Taste of Cinema's 20 Essential African Films

    Favs/dislikes: 2:0. "Many African films that remain popular deal with the parallels between Africa’s past in relations to its modern present state. From this, we view a wide range of topics such as traditions, ideological and political institutions that were set by colonizers which remain long after their dissolution, gender roles, and the significance of oral narratives and language. The films created link the past, present and future of the continent in a way that doesn’t trail the concept of time. Images shown in most the films are a part of a grander story built on layers upon layers of analogies, metaphors and societal events containing many interconnected connotations. African Cinema as well as other foreign or international films are a tremendous vehicle for enlightenment, education and cultural awareness that some just don’t experience in their lifetime. African films will forever be commemorated as a valuable archive of memory, knowledge and wisdom that is worth preserving, reinterpreted and studied. Here is a procurement of 20 of the best in African films that we recommend you start watching."
  11. The Fast and Furious Franchise's icon

    The Fast and Furious Franchise

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. Movies in The Fast and Furious franchise.
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