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    100 years 100 Turkish movies

    Favs/dislikes: 11:1. THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF TURKISH CINEMA The history of Turkish Cinema began with Fuat Uzkınay’s documentary film about the destruction of the Monument of Ayestefanos in Istanbul in 1914. Film production in the Turkish cinema industry increased by the end of the 2. World War and the period between 1960-1975 was the Golden Era of the Turkish Cinema. Considering the production and distribution of the films made, the 60’s are regarded as the golden era of the Turkish Cinema. By 1963, Turkish Cinema began to produce coloured films and the new audio-visual media contributed to technical and artistic development in the following years. By 2014, the size of the cinema sector increased to 2 billion dollars in Turkey. The number of cinema audiences of the Turkish films increased constantly over the past decade and increased to over 50 millions in 2013. The number of new productions and the success of Turkish films in important film festivals all around the World including Cannes Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival and the awards given to them increased. In addition, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism organizes Turkish Film Weeks in a lot of countries and cities like Paris, Hong Kong, Beirut, Havana… In order to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Turkish Cinema, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will organize a lot of film weeks and festivals in Turkey and abroad in 2014.
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