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    Favs/dislikes: 32:0. Arthaus is a Norwegian movie distributor that specializes in artisticly valuable films.
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    Every Norwegian Movie

    Favs/dislikes: 5:0. Every movie theatrically released in Norway. Not counting (most) early documentaries, movies < 40 mins long and movies made for the Nazis during WW2. Available but not on IMDb: Hallo Oslo! (1932) Movies considered lost: Dæmonen (1911), Fiskerlivets farer aka Et drama paa havet (1908), Fattigdommens forbannelse (1911), Bondefangeri i Vaterland (1911), Alt for Norge (1912), Anny - en gatepiges roman (1912), Overfaldet paa postaapnerens datter aka Kampen om pengebrevet (1913), Unge hjerter (1917), En vinternat (1917), De forældreløse (1917), Lodsens datter (1918), Vor tids helte (1918), Æresgjesten (1919), Strandhugg paa kavringen (1923), Fager er lien (1925), Himmeluret (1925), Simen Mustrøens besynderlige oplevelser (1926), Skjærgårdsflirt (1932), I kongens klær (1933).
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