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    Télérama - Cent ans du cinéma - Les films français

    Favs/dislikes: 21:0. In 1995, for the century of the cinema's commemoration, Télérama, a French magazine, published a special issue « Les Meilleurs films du siècle - Cent ans de cinéma ». The purpose of the magazine was to provide a tour of the history of cinema, decade by decade, mentioning significant international and French films and making for each decade a top of best films. This list takes into consideration only the French films in the following way: - The 81 French films in the decade top tens, commencing with the silent era (10 films), the 30's (10 films), until the 90's with only 5 films. (there's 5 entries for Fantômas; 3 entries for the Pagnol's trilogy Marius-Fanny-César; and 1 entry for Smoking-No-Smoking) - Starting from the 82th entry, the list is alphabetical and report all the French films mentioned in the magazine, including the films quoted in the text, but also the films selected for a thematic section. Hence, for each decade the magazine picked one or several French films on the following issues: "the twosome of the decade", "the beautiful love", "the beautiful death", "the scandal", "the unfair flop", "the hit", "the best set", "the line", "the tune", "the spirit of the times", and the "fashion". Thanks to Limguela for compiling this list.
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    Hidden Gems

    Favs/dislikes: 3:0.
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