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How is he provocative btw? Never read anything by him but the list is vanilla
1 year ago
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I guess I need to see The Lives of Others. Great list, lots of Rivette on here.
8 years 8 months ago
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Public Enemy

Yes, it's referring to the Monty Python TV series. Here's a link to the book where you can read up on it.

9 years ago
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Public Enemy

He is referring to the TV series, The Sopranos


"Oh -- and he does include four entries on TV series (The Singing Detective; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; The Sopranos; and Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky),"
9 years ago
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For those counting at home that's 9 films in addition to the 993 currently on here, for a total of 1002. Since the list includes the Lord of the Rings as a single entry that accounts for the two extra films.
9 years ago
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David Thomson deliberately put in London After Midnight so no-one can complete this! Though in the book, he's really talking about the 2002 reconstruction, so perhaps that should be there instead of the lost original to make it possible..
9 years ago
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And #185 should not be Mannequin from 1987....
9 years ago
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Regarding Fantômas (1913), shouldn't the other parts be included on the list as well? It's a serial, and I suppose the author of the list is referring to the entire serial and not just the first part.

These are the titles of all 5 episodes:

Fantômas - À l'ombre de la guillotine (1913)
Juve contre Fantômas (1913)
Le mort qui tue (1913)
Fantômas contre Fantômas (1914)
Le faux magistrat (1914)
8 years ago
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Such a great selection! I found many films on there that are on no other list... Refreshing.
8 years 6 months ago
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Public Enemy

It doesn't seem to have any graphics, including awards and signatures.
8 years 11 months ago
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I, too, am curious about the inclusion of The Sopranos on this list.
9 years ago
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The fastest way to get something corrected or added on a list is to go to the contact link at the bottom of the page and send a message directly to the iCM team.

It also helps them tremendously when you include the relevant Imdb URLs for any movies that need to be added/corrected.
9 years ago
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Also missing is
9 years ago
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As Knaldskalle said Que Viva MExico should be changed.
Also, the following 7 are missing as well as Die Bergkatze mentioned below
9 years ago
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There's one film which seems to be missing (and would make it up to the 1000). Die Bergkatze (Lubitsch, 1921) aka The Wild Cat/The Mountain Cat:

9 years ago

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