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Created by John Milton.

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Just as in 2013 and 2015, users of the Dutch/Belgian site sent in a ranked list of their 250-500 favorite movies. There were 63 contributors this year and their lists led to this top 1000. All credits go to 2013's initiator The One Ring, 2015's organizer beavis and this year's volunteer Film Pegasus.

The presentation wil start July 5th, with many titles being revealed each day until the list is complete

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  1. 8 new

    Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

    1966 — a.k.a. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, in 25 top lists Check
  2. 3 new

    C'era una volta il West

    1968 — a.k.a. Once Upon a Time in the West, in 25 top lists Check
  3. 150 new

    Once Upon a Time in America

    1984, in 18 top lists Check
  4. 605 new

    Per qualche dollaro in più

    1965 — a.k.a. For a Few Dollars More, in 9 top lists Check
  5. 697 new

    Per un pugno di dollari

    1964 — a.k.a. A Fistful of Dollars, in 11 top lists Check
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