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There are already several lists on iCheckMovies of films available on Netflix. Unfortunately they have a tendency to be incomplete and quickly become out of date. This is an attempt to make a more comprehensive and semi-automated version. A program scrapes data from of everything available on Netflix, and then cross-references the title and year against a list of films that meet a set of criteria for notability or interest (including every movie that is an official check).

I will try to update the list every month or two.

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  1. 24 new

    Batoru rowaiaru

    2000 — a.k.a. Battle Royale, in 9 top lists Check
  2. 90 new

    The Emperor's New Groove

    2000, in 3 top lists Check
  3. 232 new

    The Original Kings of Comedy

    2000, in 0 top lists Check
  4. 253 new

    The Prophecy 3: The Ascent

    2000, in 0 top lists Check
  5. 298 new


    2000, in 0 top lists Check
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