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Top 700 (2021 edition) taken from onderhond.com, a website maintained by a dedicated film fanatic with a strong passion for contemporary genre films and a soft spot for Asian cinema.


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  1. 136 new

    Tôkyô zankoku keisatsu

    2008 — a.k.a. Tokyo Gore Police, in 2 top lists Check
  2. 180 new

    Sentô shôjo: Chi no tekkamen densetsu

    2010 — a.k.a. Mutant Girls Squad, in 0 top lists Check
  3. 273 new

    Nihon bundan: Heru doraibâ

    2010 — a.k.a. Helldriver, in 0 top lists Check
  4. 677 new

    Kyûketsu Shôjo tai Shôjo Furanken

    2009 — a.k.a. Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, in 0 top lists Check
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