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The IMDb top 250 is probably the most well-known movie list in the world. It has earned this reputation through the fact that it has been composed by aggregating the votes of many normal moviegoers. In other words, this is a list by and for the people and not some elite movie-critics list.

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Oh a new entry for a 160 minute Indian movie that looks like it is made by children. Color me surprised.

3 days ago


As many have correctly stated, this list isn't every film you should ever watch, but it's a great intro to so many genres. I've watched army films and westerns (despite previously not being a fan), French films, arty films, Iranian dramas, Italian comedies and new Zealander fantasies, all because of this list. Even 3 Idiots, which if you ignore all the lazy anti-Indian comments on here, was a brilliant film. It showed a different way of storytelling, different cultures but I loved it. I'm not going to become a bollywood addict now, but I'm so glad I gave it a chance. And if I was Indian, I'd point out the 3/4 average-ish american films that get on this list every summer before dropping out of sight. Less accusations of a mafia, more just a film finding its place in the world. Chill out and watch some more movies please.

2 weeks ago


My new policy is to now only watch movies from this list that also appear on non-IMDb lists. I have accepted that I will never officially complete this, and I am okay with it.

1 month ago


I was so close to finish this list and then more Indian films got added. I have no intentions of watching them so I guess I'll never finish this list

2 months ago


Good list

6 months ago


I have the same problem that dyin2live has. The list here on icheckmovies doesn't match up to what is listed on imdb's website.

6 months ago


Did the formula suddenly change? Last I checked, I was missing 9 and now I'm missing 19, this list is a real moving target.

Edit: 8/29/16: Appears IMDB has added a new list for Bollywood movies, so the problem has resolved itself. (Not sure why my initial comment got downvoted. Didn't think I said anything upsetting.)

6 months ago


icheckmovies should change the description of this IMDB list to read "this is a list by and for the Indian people".

6 months ago


Welcome to India. Nope, not going to see them.

7 months ago


Weird list. So many movies not from India. Should be fixed.

7 months ago


This list is irrelevant in so many ways, but the nationality sandbagging (I'm looking at you, India) is particularly irritating. I see the latest organized push is a 40 year old flick that all of a sudden just drops into the list at #127. What a freaking joke.

1 year ago


As of today, only 14 users have completed this list! I'm surprised.
(I've got 8 to go, myself, though I did have it completed last year or early this year, briefly).

2 years ago

John Milton

Both Kusturica back in the list at the same time. The mind wonders:-)

2 years ago


Feels good to have completed the list :D

2 years ago


How frequently this listis Updated. Where is Captain America: The Winter Soldier ?

2 years ago