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98 min.
John Moore
Action, Crime, Thriller
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0.8% (1:118)
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  1. dpanter's avatar


    This action-comedy is in reality a mayhem-tragedy.
    Let's go to Russia, blow shit up/blow people away left and right.
    The incessant car chase was almost painful to watch. John McClane shouting inane remarks 'Fast & Furious' style was unbelievable. Never been this bored by a car chase before, and frankly I was baffled by the enormous overkill, mayhem and destruction.

    The callous murdering of dozens of people is hard to accept. It's like the McClanes decide everyone is bad and must be killed immediately, then proceed in doing so without any remorse whatsoever. spoiler

    How amusing to see Jack cutting down John at every opportunity, relentless harsh stabs at a father that tries to reach out. That never gets old... unlike Bruce Willis who is now 58, by the time we get 'Die Hardest' he'll be 60.
    Maybe we can hope for a grandson next movie? A troubled wigger teen with a giant chip on his shoulder and mad computer skills, saving the day by hacking into something inconceivably ridiculous, perhaps a Japanese military base or a nuclear power plant?

    Watch out Asia! Looks like the tour of destruction is coming to Japan next. Faces, prepare to be palmed.

    There aren't many high points in this travesty but they do use the massive Mil Mi-26, the largest helicopter ever produced. spoiler

    Not recommended. Fans of the series - you have been warned.
    7 years 3 months ago
  2. Earring72's avatar


    Wow, this was lame. Has nothing to do with Die Hard. Bad and unbelievable action movie. Just boring! 6 years 12 months ago
  3. fonz's avatar


    I have a theory that John McClane actually died while attempting to save the hostages in Nakatomi Plaza. Sgt. Al Powell was too busy eating a bear claw to take the shot at Karl who was hiding out as a wounded hostage and save John McClane from his fatal wound. But as he was such a hero and the country needed a singular individual to label as such, he was resurrected and replaced by an android. And the official story was covered up and rewritten.

    This McClane-bot proceeded to get involved in various misadventures over the next twenty years with increasing stakes. Each time he is successful in averting massive disasters but at the high cost of McClane-bot. However, as he is always singled out for being responsible for stopping the trouble that always finds him and no one likes a dead hero, he keeps getting resurrected.

    But with each progressive iteration, McClane-bot resembles less the human that inspired it and more of a near-invulnerable wave of destruction that can only speak in short, trite phrases.

    His latest misadventure finds him at his most lethal and least calculating. He is joined by what is expected to be the propagator of the McClane legacy once it becomes necessary to retire the orginal McClane-bot. Eventually people will begin asking too many questions such as "How did he crash a stolen truck into six parked cars in a foreign country and walk away without a scratch?" Or "Isn't he too old for this shit?"

    I suspect we shall see him in one final adventure in which McClane-bot meets his creator and proceeds to offend everyone in the galaxy to the point where he is permanently erased from existence. The creator will be kind enough to wipe the memories of those who have been subjected to the McChronicles beyond the first time he threw a living, impeccably dressed man from a building just because he held a few people hostages. At that point justice will be served because we will no longer have to be subject to McClane-bot's subversion of society and it's laws.
    6 years 7 months ago
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