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Plot summary: A wise-cracking janitor teaches high school students to believe in their dreams.
5 years 11 months ago
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"Oh, God. I look 20 years old!"
5 years ago
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Cheesy and 80's as hell, and all the better for it. Just don't take it seriously.
11 years 3 months ago
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Better than I thought it would be but it wasn't scary at all.
6 years 1 month ago
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Watched this for the first time just now, it's still incredibly entertaining.
7 years 1 month ago
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My first time seeing the whole thing proper and not just a few scenes in passing as I flick the channels. I must have first caught a glimpse of Freddy around the age of eight which literally frightened the shit into me. I was scared to go potty for a week because I thought that someone in the boiler room was gonna pull me through the toilet. Now my biggest concern are bombs rigged underneath the porcelain.
5 years 1 month ago
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It's really a classic :) I enjoyed it as such. The storyline and acting are nothing special, but it's fun!
10 years 5 months ago
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It's highly possibly that everything I think I know about dreaming, I learned from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Getting to see it in a theater, with teenage pukes making a ruckus in the back (the real horror), I was able to confirm that its dream science was actually pretty weak. But Wes Craven's first, and least comedic, entry in the franchise is immediately iconic, with shocking kills and bizarre imagery, and from the get-go, an original mythology that carried its fear demon into the sequels. The synth score is a little dated, but they mix in terror sounds like Freddy's knife scrapes so it works. When I was a kid, it was usual to debate the individual merits of Jason and Freddy (this culminated in someone actually making a Versus movie), and I always came out defending the latter, and I can see why. Nightmare is a lot more clever, not just because of its unique kills, but because Craven has found a way to make that "you idiots, don't go there!" trope work because characters are following dream logic. In a dream, you WOULD follow that whispering voice, and if you didn't, the next doorway would take you there anyway. Bonus points for introducing then killing Johnny Depp. Bonus bonus points for having John Saxon working with a comically useless police force, just like he did in Black Christmas (an homage, surely!). And lesson learned, folks. Drinking loads of coffee and watching scary movies before going to bed WILL cause nightmares. Nancy should have seen it coming.
1 year 1 month ago
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It is what it is. A classic horror film that could not scare anyone, but that is clearly not the point here. The only thing that bothered me a bit was the lack of better special effects in some scenes, especially spoiler. Still great for a movie night with popcorn.
1 year 5 months ago
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A true horror classic. Freddy Krueger is without any doubt one of the greatest villains to ever appear on screen.
10 years 1 month ago
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a nightmare on elm street and the collection its just only! spectacular
11 years ago
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I fell asleep during the third act - only woke up when the credits started to roll. And no, I didn't have any nightmares.
7 years 3 months ago
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Really boring and an open, weird ending..The villain wasn't much scary in his ugly striped sweater and fishing hat either! I think the idea of a nightmare-murderer is cool, but they just didn't make any bit of it frightening or credible, sorry!
7 years 10 months ago
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If anyone's interested, I wrote a review of A Nightmare on Elm Street here:

10 years 1 month ago
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Ugh, total crap. Even though I know it's a classic, I didn't enjoy it one bit..
10 years 7 months ago

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