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Really stressful, in the best possible way!
1 year 4 months ago
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Overall nice concept, but it kinda felt like a stretched out episode from Twilight Zone.
1 year 3 months ago
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Couldn't they find a house near a waterfall/noisy river? Or build a hut there.
11 months ago
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Zeds Dead

John Krasinski's horror debut proves to be successful with great use of sound (or lack there of) to create tension in such a way that constantly leaves you on the edge of your seat. Krasinski also gives a solid performance along with the rest of the cast.
1 year 4 months ago
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There are so many things wrong with this movie I don't know where to begin. The basic idea was interesting but.... spoiler .... It wasn't a bad idea, but the way they set it up was so unrealistic it was just stupid. They setup certain bits of information and then don't follow any of it (see Spoiler tag for examples). I just laughed and joked at the entire movie over every little part that made absolutely no sense like that. I'm glad somebody let us borrow this and I didn't waste money to see it.
11 months 4 weeks ago
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Good idea, bad film.
9 months 3 weeks ago
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I apologize for being inarticulate, but I felt the urge to counter a lot of praise for this film with an unrestrained "ehhhhhnnn."

In my mind, not in the same caliber as other recent films within the new (revitalized?) cerebral mainstream of American horror (e.g., The Witch, It Comes at Night, It Follows).
1 year 1 month ago
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Decent, and the lack of sound was done wonderfully.

3rd act was too American though, dark should have been the way to go.
1 year 1 month ago
meltemsultan's avatar


will leave you on the edge of your seat the whole time;
1 year 4 months ago
devilsadvocado's avatar


Felt like a long short film. Entertaining though with a not-boring concept. As with many horror movies, the monster ruins it for me. Less is more when it comes to scary.
7 months 3 weeks ago
invisiblecities's avatar


moping and loud noises
12 months ago
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With A Quiet Place, John Krasinski has crafted a horror film about parental anxieties, in which he and Emily Blunt try their best to protect their children in a postapocalyptic countryside overrun by alien monsters (my friend Marty dubbed them the Silencers) that home in on sound. So I expect a lot of reviews to be about how much noise the audience was making during the silent parts of the film (which is most of it, lets the characters get eaten), and indeed, because of the film's conceit, you do become acutely aware of munching, coughing and other sounds. (That said, our packed theater was very respectful of that conceit, and we had no problems.) The silence of course provides opportunity for jump scares, but they're justified by the premise, and therefore don't come off as cheap. This is also an efficient film that does not, and cannot, rely on exposition, and yet finds a way to explain what has happened and what rules the family must follow if they are to survive. Tense, clever, emotional... A Quiet Place is a great nail-biter where smart characters are placed in impossible situations. I don't think our theater was quiet just out of respect. I think the audience was quiet because it was holding its breath through the third act.
1 year 4 months ago
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If you disregard plotholes then this movie is fantastic because it is extraordinarily tense. spoiler Looking forward to what John Krasinski will write next. However, when taking into account plotholes, then the movie makes little sense. spoiler
1 day 9 hours ago
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Overall this was a sci-fi thriller with some interesting ideas. But I didn't find the move that great. I would have liked more backstory, how did these creatures first get discovered, how much of the world population was destroyed by the creatures, and why didn't anyone think to spoiler? Also, there were too many moments where the characters actions made no sense, like spoiler Great use of sound and it was a well-made movie. I also wish they didn't use so many jumps scares as they had such a cool creepy concept they could have done without the jump scares.
3 months 2 weeks ago
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Watching this film with subtitle is a unique experience.
6 months ago

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