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A bit bloody silly really.
4 months ago
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Just when you thought Anna Kendrick couldn't get any more adorable, she goes and uses Diabolique as a verb.
1 month ago
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Gone Girl meets Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
3 months 4 weeks ago
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Not my favorite movie in the world, but Blake Lively in a tuxedo is probably my favorite look in the world. Equal parts humor and suspense with a side of camp, this movie was tons of fun to watch in a theater.
4 months ago
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Could it be good, but ruin the movie
Became silly in the end !
6 days 4 hours ago
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Pretty by the numbers in terms of story. If it wasn't for Kendrick brightening up the movie with her antics, it would be a tv movie worthy ride. Direction is average. Dialog is bland. The cast, minus Kendrick, is terrible, especially Lively and the Asian guy from Crazy Rich Asians. Plot is predictable. Meh.
1 month 1 week ago
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It's rare that we get a viable comedy thriller hybrid, but that's exactly what A Simple Favor is. Anna Kendrick's impeccable comedy timing sets the tone early on, as a vlogger mom (we're really getting a lot of computer-savvy movies this month, aren't we?) who befriends Blake Lively's femme fatale and gets into a thriller plot. And overall, it works as a dark comedy, breathing life into tired tropes. The two tones do gnaw at each other, with Kendrick's past drama pushing against her comic persona, but I'm sure thriller fans who don't get the joke will find the comedy a distraction. I certainly wasn't sure about the third act turn (a recurring problem in these kinds of stories), but it turned out well in the end. If the film isn't exactly flawless, Kendrick and Lively's chemistry as a deadly odd couple is enough to carry the picture, even if it didn't have help from lots of fun performances from day players.
3 months 3 weeks ago
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I was laughing my ass off. It has a Gone Girl feel, but the serious Thriller tone was getting funny all the time. I really like Gone Girl, so this one lacked in the story & Mystery, because it was so silly. Still recommand 8/10!
4 months ago
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