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128 min.
Guy Ritchie
Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Musical
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2.9% (1:35)
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  1. buc86's avatar


    Songs are good, there were a few extra things they either added or expanded on. But other than that there isn't much about this film that's better than the original. There isn't also a lot of stuff that isn't done as well. A lot of the changes don't even make sense to me, like the "it's not often you see a horse with two rear ends" line is gone and there is even a moment in the film where they could have put it.

    Will Smith is decent enough as the genie, but come on! is he really on par with Robin Williams? I think not!

    If you've never seen the original, it might be worth seeing. But if you have seen it, this doesn't offer enough that's new or better to really make it worth your time.
    1 year 7 months ago
  2. Emiam's avatar


    Better than expected.
    1 year 3 months ago
  3. xianjiro's avatar


    The problem with remakes is your work will inevitably be compared to the original - change too much and you're not staying true, change too little and it's an imitation. Alas, this is genie's curse. Speaking of Genie, Smith does bring his own style to the role and besides production design and production numbers, is the film's bright spot. Massoud and Scott are fine, but Massoud's performance struck me as imitation and boy can that Scott nail the Disney princess song, so nothing new there. Alas, Kenzari starts out okay but his performance turns into an overly animated cartoon of one of the great Disney cartoon villains and is tolerated by a few and hated by most. Then there's the odd cultural mishmash, but that's always been an issue with Disney's Aladdin, but at least Gottfried helped us forget parrots are a South American thing. Since Aladdin was added to a French translation of Les mille et une nuits in the early 1700s - well, I guess it could've happened. And tigers make great palace-pets. I'm also thinking someone has seen a few Bollywood production numbers as well. Other than that, one can nitpick if one wants. It's an average movie that's somewhat entertaining if you go for this sort of thing (I do and I was mildly entertained), but that's about it. 1 year 3 months ago
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