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    i like music (nu metal, heavy metal, punk, alt rock, grunge, occasionally 80s/90s rap) and comedies
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    Rewatching 1992's iconic Aladdin, I'm reminded of how it's one of Robin Williams' best comic performances. Not only does the Genie justify all sorts of crazy anachronisms (which can be distracting in other Disneys of this era, a bit like the sex jokes are here), but it's impossible to tell where the script ends and Williams begins. They just let him improvise and go mad with impressions and jokes, then animated the character accordingly. Like ripples in a pond, it then (and I may be inventing this cause and effect) became permission to go wild with the animation and visual gags throughout. Jafar's wizardry is another example of imaginative visuals, and the Flying Carpet is a winning notion for a Disney sidekick (and there are MANY in this movie), as well as one of the best CG effects of 90s Disney (which usually annoy me). But like The Lion King, the story is a little fast for me. There's no massive jump cut through time or anything, but some of the songs could go longer, and I thought Jasmine should have been made sultan, or given the power of one, rather than HAVE to marry Aladdin. Historically (or mythically) inaccurate or not, it felt like her arc (she was Shakespeare's Hal, where Aladdin was just pretending as "Al"). Maybe I just want better for her because my sister named her daughter after her. And I want to ask the animators just how much of an inspiration they took from Asterix and Cleopatra, because some character designs feel very familiar.
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