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115 min.
Kevin Finn, James Rolfe
Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
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3.9% (1:26)
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  1. sennaho's avatar


    As a big fan of the nerd, I have been waiting for this movie quite some time (years) now.

    Now that I have seen it, I have to take my hat off to James and to salute him for the hard work he has been putting into this movie.

    It was cheesy, it was funny, action-packed and hilarious. I really enjoyed it a lot! I think that the movie is best if you already have seen some/a lot of his work, but the story is nice and interesting enough to watch anyways.

    7 years 4 months ago
  2. Chrizu's avatar


    I've followed The AVGN Series and Rolfe's other work for some time now and I was really excited to see this massive project of a movie that's gotten a bit of a hype lately. I didn't expect a masterpiece knowing what kind of budget and what kind of cast he had, but I still had some expectations.

    First of all I feel the script could've used a lot more work considering plot and humor. Generally I love the stripped down comedy Rolfe uses in his series and I was hoping to see a lot of it here, but in my opinion it didn't really meet the standard I had expected for a movie that had been under development for so many years. I also found that the movie could've been somewhat shortened down.

    I also found that the cast didn't really hold up and I believe that a few of the leading roles could've been given to other actors that could've done the job better (for the same budget). I still think Rolfe himself did a good job in keeping "the Nerd" in character.

    What really bothered me was the sound that had some issues at a few places. Some voices sounded either too bright or too muffled, probably due to either microphone issues in the recording process or due to sloppy voice editing. The music however was really great and was one of the main reasons that kept the movie entertaining.

    I've read in some reviews that people disliked the B-movie feel about it, but I personally didn't mind that. I felt that the visuals were okay and in some cases really good. I have to say though that although the sandbox shootings were charming at first they bothered me slightly after a while.

    All in all it's an okay film that keeps the "Nerd-vibe" alive and that gives the most hardcore fans what they want, but I still felt a bit disappointed in that the actual improvements that could've been made (such as the acting and the plot) weren't caused by the limits of time and low budget and therefore left a sloppy touch to the whole movie. I still think that movie is worth the watch for every fan of the Nerd and I hope that Rolfe has learned a lot from this movie and will produce even greater things in the future.
    7 years 4 months ago
  3. nawi's avatar


    I was expecting something average, but it was a fun movie! James Rolfe is clearly a pretty talented filmmaker. 7 years 4 months ago
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