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124 min.
Peyton Reed
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
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1.9% (1:51)
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  1. crazy_bitch's avatar


    The only good thing about this boring mess is how forgettable it is. Waste of a great cast and a pitty, since the first two Ant-Man films were very original with their heist-theme and humorous approach. In this film I just can't care about anyone or anything, and the 'indiginous people are just waiting for an American to arrive and tell them to start the revolution and rally behind them' vibe doesn't help. 6 months 4 weeks ago
  2. N2tZ's avatar


    Take a shot every time someone removes their helmet/visor just so you can see the actor's face 5 months ago
  3. Toastinator's avatar


    I think the MCU is now officially past its prime. There were only 2 phase four movies that I really liked, Multiverse of Madness and No Way Home. Thor 4 was ok but all the rest was boring garbage. The Ant Man movies always had a disadvantage because hack director Peyton Reed was attached to them but on top of that, Quantumania's script is pretty bad too. They seem to have officially run our of ideas for fun setpieces with the Ant Man powers. The plot is so incredibly bland, it's amazing I still enjoyed this movie more than most of the shit from phase four. The Quantum realm looked boring as fuck. It couldn't be more obvious that the actors are just in front of a green screen all the time with a stock sci-fi background they found on Google images inserted in post. Compare this shit to the Avatar movies, those are basically all CGI and look fucking realistic. None of the main characters learn, grow (not like that) or have a character arc. Michelle Pfeiffer's character is stupid and annoying but at least the other main characters are still likeable. It's amazing that a movie with a shlock title set in the quantum realm, starring Paul Rudd, can be this bland. 7 months 2 weeks ago
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